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Aren’t the Secret Prisons a Good Thing?

Instead of teaching a silly ethics course at the WH, how about a primer on warfare for our esteemed members of Congress? While the Dems reacted to the news of the latest leak probe in their usual knee-jerk fashion, crying politics from the start, some of the usual suspect Republicans couldn’t stop themselves from joining in the Democratic chorus. This from Senator Lindsey Graham took the prize: “Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. The real story is those jails.”

Huh? Lindsey ol’ buddy, aren’t you forgetting something? When last I checked, we were engaged in a GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM. As captured terrorists are not POWs entitled to the protections of the Geneva Conventions (to do so would be to legitimize their insidious brand of murder), and as revealing the location of their captivity would endanger the people who guard them and any innocent civilians by making them defacto targets, isn’t it a good idea to keep that information secret? Do we really want al Qaeda to know where KSM and Ramzi bin-Alshib are passing the days?

I know that the political left and the MSM want to equate “secret prisons” with “torture,” but can normally sensible Republicans like Lindsey Graham restrain themselves from this mushy illogic endemic to the “we hate Bush” crowd?

Put me on the record for endorsing secret detention facilities for Osama and Company. And will some elected Republican officials please stand up and loudly oppose the squishy lefties who are more concerned with the rights of terrorists than they are with protecting Americans and our allies!

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