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Rosie the Riveter

Rosie O’Donnell, known as a model of sanity to all of America, has some thoughts she’d like to share with us regarding Ann Coulter.

“She’s angry if you ask me. She’s full of rage. When you see someone like that, you have to go back to what happened in their childhood… You don’t know what went on in their household. Sometimes people with very controversial views, there is some part of their humanity that you can relate to. Even though they think differently than you do, you can still reach them as a human being, but she’s not one of them for me.”

Re-he-eally. Ann Coulter as flesh-eating radical? Well, c’mon, Rosie. Maybe she’s just somebody who has an ideology she integrates into her humor. And she doesn’t mind getting people upset.

On whether Coulter really has extremist views: “Yeah, I really do. I don’t think it is a show. The passion from which she spews it… It’s deep-seeded. It’s bizarre.”

Deep-seeded. Interesting. I hope this is an error on behalf of the glossy but if you’ve ever looked at Rosie’s blog, she’s not what we call “fluent in the language.” Anyway, the reason all of this is funny is that in the same article, we have this:

“I didn’t drink one time in my 20s for about nine years. From 20 to 29, I didn’t drink at all. I was dating a woman at the time who was a shrink, and she told me, ‘I think you have a drinking problem.’ I went to an [Alcoholics Anonymous] meeting and heard all these people’s stories about leaving their kids in the car… so I quit.”

She quit. Okay. But what about this?

“My little daughter, Vivi, came to me on her birthday and said, ‘I wish that you would not drink beer.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god!’… I stopped drinking beer. I’m off the beer. I haven’t for about a month and a half… Anyway, beer gets to be so fattening when you get older.”

So wait. Did Rosie quit when her girlfriend told her she had a drinking problem (or superpower. whatever.) or when her daughter Vivi told her to stop drinking beer. Or did Vivi just convince Rosie to drop the extra calories? Or does Rosie count beer as a soft drink?

These are important issues that need to be clarified before the American people.

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