Bad Move, O

I suppose, inevitably, he would be required to get specific, but this is not smart politics:

President-elect Obama raised the jobs forecast for his stimulus plan from 3 million to as many as 4 million on Saturday, upping the ante of his economic blueprint for the second time in three weeks.
The president-elect also rebutted conservative claims that his plans would create new bureaucracies, saying 90 percent of the new jobs would be in the private sector, up from the “more than 80 percent” he claimed last weekend.

Revising expectations upward, at a time when every indicator points downward? Those numbers will come back to haunt him because, of course, it won’t work.

Also notice that the Politico reporters use the word “rebutted,” as if Obama had disproven the claims of his critics merely by gainsaying them. The honeymoon continues . . .

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