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Cracking up? Not quite yet.

Fineman. Broder. The entire news and editorial desks at the Washington Post, New York Times etc…. All are convinced and giddy at what they perceive to be a fissure in the conservative movement (and the supposedly excellent chances the Democrats have to regain power in ’06). As usual, they mistake principled public discussions of policy and politics within the conservative camp as the beginning of the end.

The left-leaning media has always been impressed with the so-called “discipline” exhibited by the Ds — see the Clinton years — in the face of intra-party struggles. So what that the Dems rarely air their dirty laundry? This discipline has produced a steadily increasing Republican majority across the country. It has allowed the left wing of an already left-wing party exhibit dominance in the form of funding threats. That dominance by the George Soros, Al Franken, Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand wing of the party has also left the Democrats ideologically stagnant — incapable of offering any interesting policy ideas. They think “We hate Bush” is a platform.

To my fellow conservatives who are dismayed at everything from the spending, to the Miers nomination, Katrina, Karl’s potential problems and “No Child Left Behind with Medicare for all and to all a good night,” I say, be of good cheer. Our fights are over the direction of national policy — not over the President’s trips to aircraft carriers, or what Karl told Judy about Valerie and Joe.

George Bush, though not perfect, has defended this nation. He lowered our taxes. He has been willing to take the heat from left (and the right) when it has most mattered.

I’m not saying that all is rosy in Conservative Land, but 20 years from now, when Iraq is a thriving democracy and freedom is actually starting to take hold in the Middle East, we will be glad we had the courage to “air our dirty laundry” in the forum of public discourse — with the results being a thriving conservative movement that is still a governing majority. The Ds will still be hating Bush from an ever shrinking minority position.

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