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Crowd with a Silver Lining

By 12.7.13

The National Broadcasting Company is mostly known these days as NBC, possibly because loyalty to the Nation seems far from its sights. The disloyalty is annoyance enough, as it retails self-serving messages from the White House without regard to the needs of actual citizens. Yet its most recent foray into advocacy journalism is going beyond partisanship into the realm of real propaganda and disinformation.

Last weekend the Today show did a feature on something called “shared medical appointments.” That means just what it sounds like, groups of patients being herded into crowded examining rooms to be treated in the presence of others. The Cleveland Clinic has been offering these appointments and apparently some patients enjoy aspects of being loaded in to the Doc.

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Sebelius Enters the Eighth Circle of Obamacare

By 10.31.13

In Dante’s Inferno, the Eighth Circle of Hell is reserved for people who deliberately commit fraud. It isn’t surprising, then, that the poet populated this province of Perdition with politicians and their advisors. Interestingly, the latter were rendered especially uncomfortable. Whereas the politicians merely bathed in boiling pitch, their corrupt counselors were condemned to spend eternity in the actual flames. If the expression on her face was any guide, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius felt that she had entered the Eighth Circle of Obamacare as she endured the questions of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday.

Pro-Life Group Calls for Action on ObamaCare Repeal

By on 1.20.11 | 2:22PM

From the beginning of the 2009 health-care debate in Congress, Americans United for Life argued that it amounted to federal funding for abortion. Now the group's president Charmaine Yoest is urging pro-lifers to contact Congress and express their support for repeal of ObamaCare.

"With the Obama Administration arguing in court that they have the right to force this upon Americans because they may tax us, AULA calls on Congress to say no to this abortion tax and the law that violates the principles of the pro-life Hyde Amendment," Yoest said in a message to her group's members. "The vast majority of Americans agree that no tax for abortions is acceptable."

Yoest said the federal law President Obama signed into law last year "allows taxpayer funding to go to insurance plans that cover abortions, directly contrary to the long-standing Hyde Amendment.  It also permits, contrary to Hyde, direct funding of abortion in some areas. . . . It contains vague ‘mandates' for private insurance plans into which abortion coverage can be pushed."

A Dem Running on Health Care

By on 10.27.10 | 1:24PM

While most Democrats are running away from their votes in support of Obamacare, Rep. Bob "Who Are You" Etheridge last week produced an advertisement that attacks his challenger, Palin-endorsed Renee Ellmers, on the health care issue:

On Friday Ellmers responded with this video clip from her debate with Etheridge, in which he avoids her question about the government takeover of health care:

Sen. Kay Hagan Gets Earful on Healthcare

By on 8.18.10 | 5:51PM

If I can find embeddable video later I will post it, but don't miss this confrontation in Winston-Salem with the North Carolina Democrat by a mother who "lives in hospitals" with her two children. She comes off knowing way more than Hagan, who just comes off as ignorant.

If November Doesn’t Work…

By on 3.24.10 | 9:59AM

Paul Wilms, a highly respected former lobbyist for the North Carolina Homebuilders Association (he retired last year), wrote in a letter to The News & Observer of Raleigh yesterday that Americans have the authority to "throw off" oppressive government.

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The Fight Will Go On

By 3.22.10

The first battle over Obamacare has been lost. But the struggle over the future of the nation's health care system continues.