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Obama Cuts Ad for Illinois State Legislature Primary Challenger

By on 3.7.16 | 1:38PM

It's unlikely that President Obama will return to Illinois after he finishes his tenure in the White House, but he obviously has no qualms about ruining the state for the rest of us. 

If you haven't noticed, Illinois has been locked in a budget stranglehold since last July, with the Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, and Democratic party leaders at each others throats over the state's insane spending problems and multi-billion dollar shortfall. Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan is the Governor's main opponent, wielding massive union- and crony-backed influence built from decades in power, against any of the governor's efforts at reform - pension or otherwise. 

President Obama Reportedly Vetting Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval for SCOTUS

By on 2.24.16 | 5:27PM

Brian Sandoval's office says its the first he's heard of it, but sources "close to the Nevada governor's office" are saying that the Obama Administration has begun the Supreme Court vetting process for the Republican moderate and former Federal district judge.

Supposedly, Harry Reid has been running interference for Obama as the plan comes together - a plan that makes very little sense when you consider Obama and Reid would be selling out their liberal constituents for ease of process, and, ostensibly, to protect a Republican Senate. But, apparently, the process continues unabated, and looks, at least for now, promising.

Brian Sandoval, the centrist Republican governor of Nevada, is being vetted by the White House for a possible nomination to the Supreme Court, according to two people familiar with the process.

President Obama To “Open Cuba” Next Month

By on 2.18.16 | 11:41AM

As they say, only Nixon could open China - can only Barack Obama open Cuba?

Although the President had pledged to visit the island nation only if their human rights record improved (it hasn't), he will make the journey next month anyway, alongside the Rolling Stones and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who will, I assume, prove to the world that Cuba is not the dictatorial hellhole so many have escaped from over the last several decades, but rather a free-thinker's paradise of fun and frivolity, obviously competitive with the larger world. 

Or something.

President Barack Obama has made it official: He is going to Cuba next month.

“I'll travel to Cuba to advance our progress and efforts that can improve the lives of the Cuban people,” the president announced on Twitter Thursday morning.

“We still have differences with the Cuban government that I will raise directly,” Obama said. “America will always stand for human rights around the world.”

Obama Says No to Recess Appointment to SCOTUS

By on 2.15.16 | 1:36PM

Mitch McConnell has already said he is unlikely to approve any Supreme Court nominee before November, and it seems the White House would rather go to war then admit defeat.

According to reports this morning, the White House is declining the opportunity to make a recess appointment to the Supreme Court - an option they have if they believe the Senate will not act, and an option that could be beneficial if the White House intends to have a new justice in place before the Court stops hearing cases, likely in late April. 

White House Claims Twitter Account Was a “Top Accomplishment” in 2015

By on 1.5.16 | 4:59PM

When you don't have many domestic policy accomplishments to note, and your foreign policy largely involves ignoring anything important, a year-end review of your "best moments" will be slim, indeed.

Which, of course, explains why this year, in the White House's 2015 retrospective, they listed "joining Twitter" as one of President Obama's top events. Now, as the President's social media reach has expanded, and at least a chunk of his free time dedicated to spouting his every thought in 140 characters or less, the White House knows it has achieved at least something: simply avoiding the President's speeches and press conferences in traditional media will not completely erase him from your daily life.

“Americans also shared in some more personal moments with the President, like when he walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge 50 years after the first marches from Selma to Montgomery,” the blog post said. “Or when he sang ‘Amazing Grace’ in honor of those who lost their lives to gun violence in Charleston, South Carolina.”

President Obama Cries, Announces Gun Regs, Solves National Violence Problem

By on 1.5.16 | 3:14PM

Wiping away tears at his press conference, President Obama today announced new ovearching gun regulations designed to "stop gun violence." In an extensive plan designed to curb future mass shootings, the President called for a number of reforms to existing gun laws that would, in no way, stop any of the mass shootings he mentioned in his emotional plea. 

Obama laid out executive action he is taking to require more gun sellers to get licenses and more gun buyers to undergo background checks.

Under the changes, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) will issue guidelines intended to narrow exceptions to a system that requires sellers to check with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine whether buyers have criminal records, are charged with crimes or have mental health conditions that would bar them from owning a gun.

Any changes to gun rules in America are fraught with political risk. The U.S. Constitution's 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to have arms, a right that is fiercely defended.

Obama To Use Exec Order to Close ‘Gun Loopholes’

By on 1.4.16 | 5:10PM

Barack Obama may turn out to be the best President for Second Amendment rights we've ever had.

I say this not because Obama has any interest in preserving Second Amendment rights. After all, he announced over the weekend that he'll be purusing several options for an executive order curbing gun rights, from forcing a small number of online and gun show retailers to conduct background checks on buyers to increasing reporting requirements for Federal gun sellers. Aside from being concieved in the wake of several recent mass shootings, the twin strategies would do little to stop gun violence. But we'd hardly be the first outlet to try to puncture Obama's shiny thought bubble, so there's no use in explaining that the gun show loophole covers so few sellers it would make so significant impact on sales at any actual gun show, or that the "reporting requirement" that, ostensibly, failed allowing the San Bernardino terrorists to purchase semi-automatic weapons in a state that banned them, belonged to the Department of Homeland Security.

Barack Obama In Paris: Mass Shootings Don’t Happen Outside of America

By on 12.1.15 | 2:16PM

The news media is fairly sure that a man who lived in a shack in rural Colorado, who terrified his neighbors and routinely attracted the attention of law enforcement, was definitely motivated solely by a swath of videos depicting Planned Parenthood officials "donating" baby brains over glasses of merlot, when he shot a bunch of people in the general vicinity of a Planned Parenthood facility. Our elected leaders, though, have been more careful about ascribing the actions of a madman to talk radio hosts and bloggers. 

Obama “Dresses Down” Republicans as Turkey Arrests Terrorists Posing as Refugees

By on 11.18.15 | 12:09PM

Last night, President Obama could have taken his second press conference opportunity to reassure Americans that the Syrian refugees he'd like to see resettled within our borders would be fully vetted and screened in a complex process designed to maintain the government's commitment to preserving our national security, after all, that's mainly what Americans are concerned about.

Instead, as he has for three days straight now, Obama took the opportunity to have a foot-stomping hissy fit over Republican objections to his foolproof plan, accusing detractors, including a number of Democrats (Chuck Schumer!) of being terrified of a bunch of children and old women


President Obama is lashing out at Republican politicians who oppose allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S., accusing them of being “scared of widows and orphans.”

Obama Hits Out at Hillary, Disclaims Role in Arming Syrian Opposition on “60 Minutes”

By on 10.12.15 | 1:55PM

Hillary Clinton clearly isn't going to get any help from the White House as she battles her way out from under a pile of questions about her email server. 

Last night, on 60 Minutes, the President gave his traditional, yearly softball interview to whoever is still alive on the 60 Minutes staff. In it, he was asked about Hillary's "email scandal, claimed that he "didn't know" about her server - which is probably a legitimate argument given that he finds out about more serious scandals, paging through the Sunday New York Times looking for the crossword puzzle - but that what Hillary did is a "serious mistake" and questions about it are essentially political ones, but that an investigation is entirely "legitimate."

KROFT: Did you know about Hillary Clinton’s use of private… private email server —


KROFT: — while she was secretary of state?


KROFT: Do you think it posed a national security problem?