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What Difference At This Point Does It Make if Hillary Now Says Benghazi Was Her “Biggest Regret”?

By on 4.25.14 | 1:06PM

During an appearance at Simmons College here in Boston on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton called Benghazi her "biggest regret" during her tenure as Secretary of State.
To which I can only respond, "What difference at this point does it make?"
Obviously this a ploy to put distance between herself and her actions or lack thereof during Benghazi and, by extension, to distance herself from the Obama Administration in her lifelong pursuit for the White House. 
Whatever she says now about Benghazi does not change the fact that four Americans died needlessly under her watch and that the Obama Administration made a concerted effort to blame an internet video as the culprit rather than a carefully orchestrated act of terrorism by al Qaeda. Whatever she says now about Benghazi also does not change the fact she faced no consequences for the deaths of those four Americans.
Whatever she says now about Benghazi makes no difference to me and to other conservatives. However, what makes no differences with me and other conservatives cannot be said for everyone else. As such, I do not underestimate the possibility that Hillary's statement of regret could make plenty of difference to a critical mass of the electorate that is at once both forgetful and forgiving of her trespasses.

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