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The Sirhan Sirhan Wing of the Democratic Party

By on 12.5.10 | 5:04PM

Aaron Goldstein took notice of Helen Thomas's clearly anti-Semitic remarks in Dearborn. It's important to understand that Thomas was not engaged in anything that might be called a responsible discussion U.S. foreign policy. One may argue about Iraq, Afghanistan or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without asserting, as Thomas did, that the U.S. is a puppet of "Zionists." My own reaction to the Thomas video:

Leaving aside any debate about the overall wisdom of Bush-era foreign policy, is it really the case that the root of the world's problems is the insidious (and allegedly insuperable) influence of a Jewish conspiracy?
Or is it not rather the case, as I am inclined to believe, that the incitement of hatred against Israel by Arab demagogues - whose ranks Helen Thomas proudly joins - is the real root of this problem?
Egged on by bloodthirsty radicals both Arab and non-Arab, Muslim and non-Muslim, Palestinian leaders have made the annihilation of Israel their casus belli for decades, and have recruited killers around the world to rally to that banner. . . .

You can read the rest of that, which raises the question: Do Democrats want to be the party of Robert F. Kennedy, or the party of Sirhan Sirhan?

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