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Russia is Meddling Everywhere


After last month’s Catalan Referendum debacle, Spanish intelligence services have come to an interesting conclusion. They believe that Russian interests were involved in pro-Catalonian independence efforts in the weeks prior to the referendum. They stated that “’Propaganda campaigns’ intended to destabilize Spain came from Russian territory and Venezuela.” The Spanish admitted that they were not […]

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The Bolivarian Revolution Takes Some Blows


The last few weeks for the Maduro regime in Venezuela have been hectic. From international sanctions to savory pastries, the Bolivarian Revolution can’t catch a break. The government received a blow when the European Union decided to sanction the country, banning the sale of arms and any military or surveillance equipment. Between April 6th and […]

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President Trump’s Amazing Asian Trip


When President Trump made his first overseas trip in May, I wondered how he would top it. After all, he started in Saudi Arabia — home of Mecca — made the first direct flight ever from Riyadh to Israel, and then went to the Vatican, attended a NATO meeting, and finally finished with a G8 […]

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Where Is Niger?


The Niger capital of Niamey was the scene of street clashes the other day, as demonstrators opposed to the government’s proposed 2018 budget reportedly got rowdy. One side evidently claims the tax plan will hurt the poor, the other side says that is not so, it will put pressure on the rich. Dunno. The government […]

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Independence for Catalonia Threatens Spain and Europe


Earlier this morning, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that the Spanish Parliament would begin the process of stripping Catalonia of its autonomous status. This comes after a wave of protests that became violent during the October 1st  referendum on Catalonian independence that was ruled illegal by the Spanish Constitutional Court. On the day of […]

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Iraq Government, Controlled by Iran, Attacks Kurd-Held Kirkuk


UPDATE 9:23 PM EST Top #PUK Official: #Peshmerga Fully Committed to Defend #Kirkuk – #BasNews — BasNews English (@EnglishBasNews) October 16, 2017 UPDATE 9:14 pm EST: If this is true, it’s shameful. Kurdish official blamed the escalation (in #Kirkuk) on the US. “They (Iraqi officials) planned this for days. America wouldn’t engage – FT […]

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G-20 Nations Will Isolate the U.S. — Until They Want U.S. Energy


World leaders at the recent G-20 summit presented a mostly unified front against President Donald Trump in retaliation for his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. The opposition to Trump’s policies — framed as the “G19 vs the US” and formulated in the name of saving Earth from supposed catastrophic […]

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China Needs to Stop Enabling North Korea


Back in 2016’s November elections, the Obama administration warned Donald Trump’s transition team that North Korea would be the top security priority for the incoming administration. The advice proved to be true; North Korea has increasingly become a threat in 2017. In February, Kim Jong Un allegedly sent North Korean agents internationally to murder his […]

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Singing a Hwasong


North Korea reached a milestone on the Fourth of July by launching its first ICBM, the “Hwasong-14.” Fired on a steep trajectory the missile flew for almost forty minutes before coming down about 800 miles from the launch pad. On a shallower trajectory, it could have reached Alaska. The launch was accompanied, as usual, by […]

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Trump Likens Terrorism Fight to Poland’s Resistance to Nazis


HAMBURG, Germany An enthusiastic Polish crowd chanted President Donald Trump’s name and “USA, USA, USA” as the American president gave a valentine of a speech in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square by a memorial to the 1944 Polish Uprising. In a half hour, Trump essentially wrapped America in Polish history and likened the Poles’ resistance to the […]

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