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G-20 Nations Will Isolate the U.S. — Until They Want U.S. Energy


World leaders at the recent G-20 summit presented a mostly unified front against President Donald Trump in retaliation for his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. The opposition to Trump’s policies — framed as the “G19 vs the US” and formulated in the name of saving Earth from supposed catastrophic […]

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China Needs to Stop Enabling North Korea


Back in 2016’s November elections, the Obama administration warned Donald Trump’s transition team that North Korea would be the top security priority for the incoming administration. The advice proved to be true; North Korea has increasingly become a threat in 2017. In February, Kim Jong Un allegedly sent North Korean agents internationally to murder his […]

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Singing a Hwasong


North Korea reached a milestone on the Fourth of July by launching its first ICBM, the “Hwasong-14.” Fired on a steep trajectory the missile flew for almost forty minutes before coming down about 800 miles from the launch pad. On a shallower trajectory, it could have reached Alaska. The launch was accompanied, as usual, by […]

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Trump Likens Terrorism Fight to Poland’s Resistance to Nazis


HAMBURG, Germany An enthusiastic Polish crowd chanted President Donald Trump’s name and “USA, USA, USA” as the American president gave a valentine of a speech in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square by a memorial to the 1944 Polish Uprising. In a half hour, Trump essentially wrapped America in Polish history and likened the Poles’ resistance to the […]

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Syrian Refugee Crisis: Church Communities Provide Resettlement Programs


Since March 2011, Syria’s political climate quickly escalated after peaceful, anti-government protests were met by the government’s violent crackdown. Soon, several armed opposition groups, divided between secular and religious fighters and ethnic groups, began fighting back. Six years later, the Syrian Civil War still rages. More than 11 million people have been killed or forced to […]

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Life Goes on in Manchester


A month ago, terror struck an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. As concert goers were leaving the arena,  a 22-year-old Manchester-born Islamic Extremist detonated a nail bomb, killing 22 and injuring over 100. Chaos filled the scene in the following hours, as families struggled to reunite with their young children attending the pop concert. Large […]

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It’s The Wolf of Wall Street’s Birthday — What Do You Give Him?


If today F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway had their famous exchange about the rich, it probably would go like this: Fitzgerald: The rich are different. Hemingway: Yes. They get better swag. Two rarely linked sources, the Hollywood Reporter and ArtNews, tapped into this modern phenomenon with recent stories about the 2013 Martin Scorsese film, The […]

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Lions, Tigers, and Election-Tampering Bears


Let’s face it. The only “evidence” the Democrats can “produce” demonstrating Russian influence in the election is the inconvenient and inconceivable fact that “The Donald” is President. Period. In the febrile dreamscape that is their reality, it’s ipso facto that the Trump win must be null and void for some reason. It is simply unacceptable […]

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Terror in the Sky: ISIS Uses Drones in Their Failing Defense of Raqqa


When someone thinks of drones in relation to the War on Terror, they often think of an American Predator drone shooting a Hellfire missile through a window towards a high value terror leaders. In Raqqa, ISIS fighters are also utilizing drone technology, though far more rudimentary than a four-million-dollar Predator Drone. As ISIS forces are […]

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London A-blaze!


Around 12:54 am BST a 24 story high apartment complex in West London near Notting Hill, was engulfed in flames after a fire broke out on the second floor by an unknown cause; sources suggest all 24 floors were affected. The complex is said to house over 120 apartments and up to 600 residents. Shortly […]

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