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Daniel Ortega: A Cold War Communist is Still Killing People in Nicaragua


This week, Nicaraguans once again faced bloody violence at the hands of Daniel Ortega’s government. Protests against the government have been ongoing since April, but this week has been particularly bleak. On Friday, government forces attacked hundreds of protesting students from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua. Many of these students hid in the Jesus […]

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Lefty Down South: Obrador Wins Mexican Presidency


Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the Morena Party, the Spanish short for the National Regeneration Movement, won 53.4% of the vote, securing his spot as Mexico’s next President. Riding on a wave of anger and desperation, Obrador more than doubled the next aspirant’s vote. To the electorate, the norm in Mexico will no longer do. […]

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European Union Reaches Migration Deal


On June 28 and 29, European leaders met in Brussels to discuss, among other things, the migrant crisis from Africa and the Middle East and those that have landed on Europe’s shores in recent years in search of refuge. This came at a particularly tense time, as Europeans at every level are divided on the issue. One […]

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U.S.-Turkish Relations: In Need of Counseling


Updated June 29th, 2018 Our relationship with Turkey is comparable to a failing marriage. One evening you come home from a long and difficult day at work only to find your spouse in bed with Vladimir Putin.  Over the past decade, our diplomatic relationship with Turkey has become challenging. Between its questionable involvement in the […]

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Iran: Is a Revolution Afoot?


Over the weekend, Iranians across the nation protested their supreme leader and corrupt government. It took three days, but the government, with the acquiescence of Western-owned social media chiefs, shut down access or sent threatening messages via direct message to protestors. Some of the courageous protestors are already in jail. Total death toll from #IranProtests […]

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Russia and the United States Work Together to Foil St. Petersburg Terror Plot


Last Sunday, Vladimir Putin called President Trump to thank him for CIA information that was used to foil a terror plot in St. Petersburg. A terror cell associated with ISIS was planning to attack the Kazan Cathedral, as well as other popular locations in the city, they were thankfully stopped. This April, another ISIS-affiliated terrorist […]

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The Trump Success Story: Year One


This headline will trigger everyone but the one third of the republic still favoring President Donald Trump or, in the charming vernacular of Twitter “Trumphumpers” or “Trumpalos” or a “Trumpanzees.” These terms of endearment are meant to shame the straw-chewing morons into silence. In this way, the name callers make it seems that no one […]

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Donald Trump’s Courage: Jerusalem Edition


The United States recognizes, officially, that Jerusalem is, what it has been, and that’s Israel’s capital. Finally. Evil thrives in confusion and America’s stance regarding the capital of Israel was confusing. That confusion gave quislings political cover and a way to yank Israel, and her neighbors, around.  Stating forthrightly that Jerusalem is the capital of […]

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The Mike Flynn Nothingburger


Mike Flynn admitted to lying to the FBI. Side note: Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI, repeatedly, but apparently, James Comey, arbiter of all that’s good and decent (just ask him) saw into her pure heart and decided she didn’t mean to lie or delete emails or destroy evidence like phones, iPads, and computers. See […]

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Kate Steinle’s Illegal Alien Killer Found Not Guilty of Negligent Homicide by California Jury


Not. Guilty. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate had been deported five times and was wanted for a sixth deportation when Kate Steinle was fatally shot in the back in 2015. Garcia Zarate said the shooting was an accident. Under a sanctuary city law, the San Francisco sheriff’s department had released Garcia Zarate from jail despite a […]

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