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The Political Undead


In a Wall Street Journal op-ed Monday by one Mark Penn, identified as a “long time advisor” to Hillary Clinton, he predicts that Mz. Hillary will run for president in 2020. Now that’s going out on a limb, isn’t it? My crack sources, working with eminent scientists in the astrology departments of MIT and Harvard, are almost ready to report, […]

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Florida Dems: Count Votes From Non-U.S. Citizens


Stunning. A transcript of a court hearing on the voting in Florida reveals a startling fact. The campaigns of Democrat Andrew Gillum, the gubernatorial nominee, and Democrat Bill Nelson, the incumbent U.S. Senator are both demanding in a court hearing that the vote of a non-American citizen be counted. Gillum and Nelson lost their respective […]

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Nancy Pelosi, Replenishing the Swamp


The American president’s party often loses a significant number of seats in the House of Representatives during mid-term elections. Since 1946, it has happened to Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama, for instance. The real questions are “How many seats lost?” and “What happened in the Senate?” As I write, with […]

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Poker Provides Unique Backing Opportunities


One of the cooler aspects of live poker is the chance to sit with celebrities, as people from all walks of life enjoy the hobby, and as long as you’ve got the money you can play in the same games. Over the years, I’ve played with an eclectic mix, from one of the OG UFC […]

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DeSantis and Gillum Florida

Electile Dysfunction in Florida


Fasten your seat belts. Tuesday’s two big Republican wins in Florida are now in question. Just today, with, incredibly, votes still being counted, Republican Ron DeSantis’s percentage lead over Democrat Andrew Gillum has fallen to 0.47 percent. This is below the 0.5 percent level that triggers an automatic machine recount. Republican challenger Rick Scott’s lead […]

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Election 2018: A Great Day for Criminal Justice Reform


Tuesday was a busy day, and one policy area that got some well deserved attention in the form of ballot measures was criminal justice reform. Three states in particular, Florida, Colorado, and Louisiana made great strides with common sense constitutional amendments. Florida Florida just passed Amendment 4 which automatically restores the voting rights to convicted […]

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Pro-Life Cause Likely Unaffected by Republican Midterm Losses


Maintaining the Senate is a key factor for pro-life advocates, as the Senate confirms Supreme Court nominees. President Trump has already added two pro-life justices in his first two years, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, and he now has two more years to nominate any replacement judges. One of the favorites for a potential third […]

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The Blue Wave That Wasn’t


Grandma Pelosi gets the gavel and the subpoena power and that’s enough for Democrats. A friend asked me if the Dems’ slim House margin will force them to cooperate with the President. To which I ask: Have you met these people?  Democrats have been setting things on fire, kicking their political enemies, and beating up […]

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Critics Skeptical of U.S.-China Trade Deal


President Trump said his aides are drafting ideas for an agreement with China that could end or at least help alleviate the trade war brewing between the two countries. “We’ll make a deal with China, and I think it will be a very fair deal for everybody, but it will be a good deal for […]

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Blue Wave Election

There is No Winning By Losing…the House


Of the more inane arguments out there, the “Republicans win by losing the House” take is one of the worst. The argument is rooted in pure, unrequited spite. Unrequited spite is the feeling of loathing for an individual that everyone else seems to like because they’re either duped or stupid or both. The schadenfreude that […]

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