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TAS’s March for Life 2019 Round Up


1:10 Update Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director addressed the March, speaking on her experiences that led to her shift to the pro-life cause. Johnson has a film titled Unplanned that will tell her story, see it March 29th. Johnson also celebrated her organization, And Then There Were None, which has helped around 500 […]

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Obamacare Customers Keep $1B in Unwarranted Subsidies


Customers of Obamacare received nearly $4 billion in unwarranted subsidies in 2018, and the IRS can’t even recoup some of that due to the manner in which the law is written. The inspector general for the Treasury Department said that only $2.7 billion of $3.7 billion in subsidy overages have been recaptured by the IRS. […]

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The Buzzers New Cars Haven’t Got — But Should


Most new cars have warning buzzers for half a dozen different things. Just not for the important things. Like, for instance, total loss of engine coolant. A friend told me her car’s heater wasn’t working so I went outside to have a look. Sure enough, no heat — but the engine was making plenty of it. The […]

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Uncle Sam Wants Liberal Snowflakes for US Army


The government of the once great Britain seriously seeks snowflakes for their army. Their recruitment posters are alarming: Britain’s most recent efforts to recruit millennials uses millennial stereotypes to recruit young people with cringe-inducing posters and video spots. Lest Americans think they’re better off than our limey friends…. A recent New York Times article (that Dan […]

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Flags Unlimited — Zebras on Steroids?


It’s not just me. My impression has been confirmed. There has been a flag-storm in the NFL this year where a record number of flags were thrown and penalties assessed over the regular season just ended. The new record is somewhere between 3,447 and 3,472 flags, depending on which report you believe. No wonder so many NFL zebras […]

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DeFazio Does the Airlines’ Dirty Work


In the next Congress, Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) will chair the House transportation committee. From the looks of it, that will be horrible news for international travelers. In an absurd interview with the Financial Times recently, DeFazio made an issue of Qatar Airways’ 49 percent stake in Air Italy. “Their intention,” he alleged, “is to take over […]

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After Defense Flunks Audit, What Next?


They say that a room full of monkeys banging on typewriters for an infinite amount of time can churn out a work of Shakespeare, but 1,200 auditors closely examining the Department of Defense’s (DOD) books can’t miraculously make the bloated federal department pass an audit. The first-ever comprehensive audit of DOD and its $2.7 trillion […]

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A Tale of Two Terrorist Organizations


For the first time ever, a U.S.-led campaign to condemn the anti-Semitic terrorist organization Hamas was supported by a record number of 87 states at the United Nations. However, in keeping with its systemic moral bankruptcy and institutionalized anti-Israel bigotry, the UN ultimately failed to acknowledge that Hamas is an anti-Semitic terrorist organization whose racist […]

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GAO: State Budget Outlooks Are Grim


The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) predicts a stormy fiscal future for state and local governments, with expenses expected to outpace revenues during the next five decades. The GAO report released Dec. 13 said that both expenditures and revenues are likely to increase as a percentage of gross domestic product, but the money going out […]

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Lonely in the Desert


So, here I am at our house in Rancho Mirage. I had dinner and then watched an amazing documentary about the Nazis’ wives and Jewish fashion designers. It seems that when Goebbels banned Jews from high fashion, German rich people’s clothes got to be so drab that Nazi big wigs’ wives connived to have Jewish […]

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