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Unions Take Aim at Trump’s Proposed Tip-Pooling Rule


The Trump Labor Department is considering eliminating a rule change that the Obama administration made in 2011 related to tips for restaurant workers. Based on the reaction to the proposed change, you’d think that Trump’s administration was trying to legalize tip stealing. Many states have what is called a “tip credit,” or a provision that […]

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British Council Excuses Islamist Warfare as Welfare


A recent British Council report on the “Muslim Humanitarian Sector,” funded by the European Union (EU) and presented on February 21 at the British Embassy in Washington D.C., attacks the supposedly “pervasive myth that Muslim aid and development organizations and charities are disproportionately used as fronts for terrorist activity.” The charities named in the report, […]

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Schweizer Bombshells Coming


Peter Schweizer, the very intelligent, skilled writer behind Clinton Cash, readies to drop a new bombshell. Harper publishes Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends on March 20. “I think the book will fundamentally transform the way people view the Obama-Biden administration,” Schweizer told The American Spectator. Clinton […]

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Will James Comey and Andrew McCabe Face Criminal Charges?


Muted chatter around Washington the last few months centers around the question of whether former FBI Director James Comey and his lieutenant Andrew McCabe may face charges regarding alleged false statements by the latter and leaks of classified information by the former. Jonathan Turley thinks not. But he makes the case in an article at […]

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Blue States Vacillate on the Individual Mandate


When Obamacare’s individual insurance mandate was effectively repealed last year, Democrats everywhere denounced the Republican Congress and President Trump as despicable saboteurs who will stop at nothing to deny the poor and infirm affordable health care. Among the most vocal of these outraged champions of the nation’s uninsured were blue state lawmakers who vowed to […]

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On Hammers and Nails


Sometimes, in creating awareness of a problem, it can be just as necessary to point out what is not an example of that problem as to point out what is. When it comes to corporate welfare, sometimes meaningful definitions are lost in complicated policy issues. The squabble between Delta and the state of Georgia provides […]

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Young Conservatives Took the Stage at CPAC


From February 22nd to 24th, close to ten thousand conservatives of all stripes descended on National Harbor, Maryland for CPAC. This year the conference was remarkable in a variety of ways. Both the president and vice president spoke, Pence on Thursday and Trump on Friday. This was the first time that a sitting president spoke […]

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Leverage Your Poker Stack


One advantage of placing a big bet into the pot in a game of No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha on the flop or turn is the threat of bets on future streets that may be even larger than the initial wagers. Players who call bets on the flop or turn know they may […]

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For a Roundtable, Trump’s Steel Discussion Was One-Sided


President Trump is expected to introduce extensive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in the name of “national security.” I’ve written in the past about how the national security concerns are non-existent, as only 3 percent of current U.S. steel production goes to national defense. Experts warn that these tariffs will harm industries in the […]

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Obama’s Secret M.I.T. Talk


The scandal with Obama’s secret M.I.T. talk isn’t that Obama demands secrecy from people he speaks to, including the media. The scandal is that the attendees and media comply. Reason Magazine received a recording of the event but they’re not giving away their sources. The media and speech goers were told that they would never […]

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