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Goodbye, Billy Graham


It’s Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, and I have been thinking again. If I had to say what is needed inside the heads of young and middle-aged Americans, it would be a far better knowledge of history, and therein hangs a tale of modern life and danger. Let’s start with something very obvious: people want to […]

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Twenty Reasons Mass Killings Happen


Lizzie Borden likely got away with murdering her dad and step-mom. She used an ax when procuring poison didn’t work. She was acquitted for her crimes, for which there was copious evidence, by a jury of twelve mustachioed men. The whole sordid account is here. The idea that a young woman was an ax-wielding murderess was […]

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R.I.P. Billy Graham


Evangelical legend Billy Graham died today at age 99. He counseled presidents and convicted thousands and brought them to Christ. There is a way to be reminded of his good works and be inspired to do your own: Download the YouVersion Bible App and follow Billy Graham’s daily devotional Bible Study plan called “Day by […]

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Catholic Bishops Stumble on the Banana Peel of DACA Policy


The website for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) devotes an “Advocacy Center” page to political issues, and the cause du jour on that page is “support for our brothers and sisters who are migrants and refugees.” In bishop-speak, that’s a tip of the zucchetto to a campaign called “Share the Journey.” It’s […]

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Pope Francis Falls Behind the Episcopalians


Washington I have never met the Pope, but I have followed his activities sedulously, as might be expected of a Roman Catholic. Pope Francis is an agent for change in his 2,000-year-old church, change in what Catholics believe and change in how they worship. Notwithstanding my never having met him, my guess is that he […]

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Religious Intolerance Circles the Globe


Religious intolerance is a global constant. The defeat of the Islamic State is good news, but persecutors were active before ISIS arose and persecutors will remain active despite the group’s collapse. In many nations freedom of conscience is seen as an existential threat. Although common, even pervasive, religious persecution is complex. The most obvious form […]

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Debauchery in Silicon Valley: Women Objectified, Men Feel Justified


Vanity Fair ran an excerpt of the book Brotopia by Emily Chang to be released in February.  By her account, Silicon Valley is a nerd-boy’s literal wet dream. Young entrepreneurs, married and single alike, get together and have sex. The executives don’t feel guilty about it at all. They are living their “lifestyle choice” and who […]

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American Catholics’ National Shrine Is Complete at Last


Nearly a century after the cornerstone was laid in 1920, the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., is complete. On December 8, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the final portion of the church — the largest in the United States — was blessed and dedicated at a solemn Mass where Cardinal […]

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University of Iowa Crushes the Freedoms of Religion and Association


The University of Iowa is currently facing a lawsuit for its blatant disregard for the constitutional provisions of freedom of religion and association. Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC), a small Christian students group, was recently kicked off campus because it required the leaders of the organization to be Christian. Who would have thought that a […]

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When Bad People Do Good Things


When first starting in practice, I’d refer patients to a surgeon who had innovated a hand operation for carpal tunnel. Turns out, he beat up his wife. And then his second wife. And then his third wife. Once I knew about the abuse, I stopped referring to him but he had a very busy practice up […]

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