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Feathers Are Out, Berets Are In


The Knights of Columbus’ distinctive feather-crowned admiral chapeau (it was never referred to as a hat) has just gone the way of the tri-corn headgear of George Washington’s Continental Army. At the Knights’ annual convention this summer, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson announced, “The Board of Directors has decided that the time is right for a […]

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Another Shrine Comes Down


The mayor of Passaic, New Jersey, may just have committed political suicide. Last Wednesday, Mayor Hector Lora sent a crew from the Department of Public Works to a private shrine located on state property on the right-of-way along Route 21. The shrine, dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, has stood on this spot for 14 […]

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Fully Baked in the Basilica


An oddball sect has decided to mark the August 21 total eclipse of the sun by gathering inside the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Every day, the shrine welcomes believers and non-believers of all stripes. But on August 21, there is one group that is likely to be barred, because they […]

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Apostate: Sinners Outside the Leftist Anti-Church


The Amen Pew at your local Baptist church has nothing on the legions of offended Leftists. To be a Leftist secular-religionist is to be offended, appalled, and perennially aggrieved. Triggered. The offense is great because the sins are many. There are so many ways to get cross-wise with the “law.” (It’s important to note that […]

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The Roots of the Pope’s Anti-Americanism


The other day I ran into a high-ranking churchman in New York City and we chatted about the state of the Church. Though appointed by Pope Francis, he shared some of my distaste for this pontificate. He found the pope’s “vindictive” side disappointing and dislikes the pope’s lack of spiritual seriousness. The latter is evident […]

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Church, Family, Millennials, and the Success Sequence


When people get educated, get a job, get married, and then have babies, and in that order, their lives go dramatically better. George Will wrote yesterday about the “Success Sequence.” Look at what happens when young people follow this route: A comparably stunning 55 percent of this age cohort have had children before marriage. Only […]

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The Liberal Jesuit Captivity of the Papacy


Jorge Bergoglio is the first Jesuit to become pope and may end up the last Jesuit to be pope, in light of the havoc that he is wreaking upon the Church. But who knows? After all, he is stacking the college of cardinals with liberal appointees in the hope that they will elect a modernist […]

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The Theology of Bad Taste


That hang-over from the mid-1960s, the theology of bad taste, has opened shop in Detroit. It began with a letter from Archbishop Allen Henry Vigeron to the people of the Detroit Archdiocese entitled “Unleash the Gospel.” Wasn’t there anyone in the board room with the cajones to tell His Excellency that the title of his […]

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Confession 2017 — Bernie Sanders’ Christophobia


I am a Jew. All of my ancestors have been Jews since Judaism was founded almost 6,000 years ago on the belief of a monotheistic God. I pray in Hebrew every morning and every night. And I am deeply, cruelly, painfully embarrassed at my fellow Jew, Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont. Within the last few […]

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Bring Back Christendom


By now you may have come across the controversy spun up over the weekend when Rep. Clay Higgins, the new congressman from Louisiana’s 3rd District, sent an outraged reaction to the London Bridge jihadist attacks over Facebook. The bulk of what Higgins said was remarkable only for the florid and perhaps overwrought language he used […]

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