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Monsters Of The Cloth


The grand jury report in that Pennsylvania child rape case involving several hundred Catholic priests which surfaced last week is, as Michael Brendan Dougherty termed it at NRO Wednesday, a Rotherham for the Church. But unlike Rotherham, a case in which a ring of Muslim pedophiles and rapists latched on to local ethnic English girls […]

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Fighting Violent Extremism by Teaching Tolerance


Although terrorism understandably has become the focus of U.S. foreign policy, the problem of religious intolerance and violence is far broader. As Islamic extremism has erupted throughout the Middle East, most dramatically in Iraq and Syria, Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities are being driven from their historic homes. What to do? U.S. “public diplomacy” […]

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Even Sunset Is a Harbinger of Doom


Roy Scranton is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Notre Dame and a U.S. Army veteran of the Iraq War. On the evidence of a mid-July essay for the New York Times, Scranton is also a man in need of an intervention. The birth of his little girl allegedly inspired not the mix of joy […]

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What Happens to the Future When It’s Severed From the Past


No one can say when exactly the modern age began, but it was clearly tied to the Reformation, Renaissance, and the Scientific Revolution which had their roots in 14thand 15thcentury Europe. The reformation of church corruption and pursuit of spiritual truth promoted by Martin Luther had its analog with the pursuit of truth regarding the […]

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Fifth Circuit Delivers Major Win to Texas Bishops


On July 15, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals filed an opinion delivering a major victory to the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops, broadly construing the right of religious groups to keep internal communications private. The case facts are strange, complicated, and present a previously unposed legal question, so a detailed review is in order. […]

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Anti-Semitism Creeps Back Under Episcopal Auspices


And what to my wondering eyes should appear, at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church this month, but a heap of painful evidence that the foreign policy of the United States isn’t in disarray solely because of Donald Trump. Practically no substantial number of Americans seems capable these days — in contrast with the […]

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Vietnamese Church

Vietnamese Religious Minorities Continue to Face Persecution


On Wednesday, July 11th, the United States Embassy in Vietnam issued a statement criticizing a decision by a Vietnamese appeals court to continue to detain three human rights activists for “propaganda against the State.” These activists were not part of some vast effort to topple the Communist regime in Vietnam, but rather, took issue with […]

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Hungry to Feed on Kavanaugh


“The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern.” So said Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.CA.) after she had finished her outrageous and shameful interrogation of Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barrett about whether Barrett’s Catholic faith rendered her unfit to be a federal judge. Despite Feinstein’s best efforts to expose Barrett’s putatively unacceptable […]

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Stop the Fake News That Hungary Is Anti-Semitic


Next week Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban makes his first visit to the state of Israel. This symbolic and diplomatic event, considered against a consistent record of pro-Israel support and concrete measures to confront anti-Semitism in Hungary, should bring closure to the myth, popular among the Left, global Jewish organizations, and in the world press, […]

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Missing Andy Rooney


As I was motorvating through the horrible heat here in Los Angeles a few days ago, wondering if maybe there was something to this “global warming” stuff, I heard a true jewel on my CBS News Radio station. A man was fondly remembering the great Andy Rooney. He quoted many times from the great grouch, […]

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