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University of Iowa Crushes the Freedoms of Religion and Association


The University of Iowa is currently facing a lawsuit for its blatant disregard for the constitutional provisions of freedom of religion and association. Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC), a small Christian students group, was recently kicked off campus because it required the leaders of the organization to be Christian. Who would have thought that a […]

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When Bad People Do Good Things


When first starting in practice, I’d refer patients to a surgeon who had innovated a hand operation for carpal tunnel. Turns out, he beat up his wife. And then his second wife. And then his third wife. Once I knew about the abuse, I stopped referring to him but he had a very busy practice up […]

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A Post-Christian and Uncharitable Society


Christian charity is more than charitable giving. In fact, Christian charity is an attitude, a motivation, a place where love for all man comes. From Wikipedia: In Christian theology charity, Latin caritas, is understood by Thomas Aquinas as “the friendship of man for God”, which “unites us to God”. He holds it as “the most excellent of the virtues“. [1] Further, Aquinas holds that […]

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It’s Time to Talk About Satan


Satan. The Devil. The lion seeking whom he may devour. The thief who comes to only to steal and kill and destroy. The crafty serpent. Satan, the fallen, the arch-enemy of God. In these evil days, why is no one talking about him? So little ink is spent on Satan, the evil force who works […]

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Off With His Head!


A few days ago, the first employee to show up at the office of the Old Mission Santa Barbara discovered something very, very wrong. During the night, an intruder had entered the mission grounds, hacked off the head of a life-size bronze sculpture of St. Junipero Serra, then doused the mutilated statue with red paint. […]

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Reflections on St. Augustine


August 28 marked the 1587th anniversary of the death of Augustine of Hippo in A.D. 430. One thousand, five hundred and eighty-seven years is a long time, and, more significantly, seems long when viewed in the light of our own insistent and demanding present, dominated by a constant inundation of sensationalized news. That present often […]

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The Pain of the Contemporary American Orthodox Jew


I am an Orthodox Jew and, besides also being an adjunct professor of law and having practiced complex business litigation for two decades at three of America’s most prominent national law firms, I also am an Orthodox rabbi of 35 years. More about that last one later. Five years ago, my synagogue needed access to […]

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The Pope’s Pickle in Burma


In late August, the New York Times reported on a controversy only a pope like Francis would bother to court. Like many of his fellow Jesuits, Pope Francis exudes enthusiasm for every religion except his own. Out of this hyper-ecumenism has come a torrent of flaky tributes to what his predecessors would have called “false religions” and […]

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The Sierra Club Sets Up Shop at the Vatican


The pope’s statements on climate change read like press releases from the Sierra Club. Even the pantheism of modern environmentalism creeps into his comments. “Listen to the cry of the Earth,” he lectured leaders this week. The pope is still miffed that Donald Trump blew off his counsel on the Paris climate accord. Trump had […]

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Feathers Are Out, Berets Are In


The Knights of Columbus’ distinctive feather-crowned admiral chapeau (it was never referred to as a hat) has just gone the way of the tri-corn headgear of George Washington’s Continental Army. At the Knights’ annual convention this summer, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson announced, “The Board of Directors has decided that the time is right for a […]

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