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Two Knockout Artists Square Off in Boston


Boston The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) open workouts for UFC 220 appropriately took place Wednesday in a warehouse repurposed as a gym. Across Drydock Avenue, Boston Ship Repair, Inc., works on transforming a massive, aging ship into a seafaring vessel fit for the 21st century. Within the Reebok gym, dozens of Pinkertons — here not […]

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Figure Eight Diplomacy


I’ve heard of gunboat diplomacy before, but I never thought I’d live to see the world putting its eggs in the basket of figure eight diplomacy. In Korea, we are witnessing a series of diplomatic maneuvers revolving around ice skating, the Winter Olympics, and a dance troupe. Talks have begun between the two Koreas about […]

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And a Freshman Shall Save Them


The game between Alabama and Georgia, Monday night, had some of everything. Perhaps it would be better to say that it had it all. Or as the purest fan of the Georgia Bulldogs or the Alabama Crimson Tide might put it, this wasn’t life or death; it was a lot more important than that. Researchers […]

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Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler


The game went “down to the wire”… as they say. That phrase is lifted from horse racing but has become sort of an all-purpose sports locution that can be hauled out on occasions like the one Sunday night when the New Orleans Saints held on to defeat the Carolina Panthers in the best game of […]

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Betting on Brady


There’s a breed of economist who constantly predicts recessions and depressions. When a severe economic downturn eventually occurs, as it inevitably will, he expects you will reward the great foresight with a financial newsletter subscription, ignoring all the times the predictions of gloom and doom failed to pan out. So it is with predictions about […]

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NFL Loses 10 Percent of TV Audience


The National Football League dropped almost 10 percent in the ratings during the 2017 regular season. Games averaged 14.9 million viewers this season versus 16.5 million last season. And in 2016, the NFL lost eight percent of its television viewers. Frank Pallotta writes at CNN, “A number of factors on and off the field this […]

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NFL Team Will Pay a Pittance in Return for Major Taxpayer Backing


Taxpayers scored a small victory in Las Vegas after the Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders agreed to pay for both emergency responder upgrades and pedestrian paths to the Las Vegas Stadium site. But those costs are a drop in the bucket compared to the $750 million in subsidies the NFL team will receive […]

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The Buffalo Bills Are Not Defunct


The regular season is over and it went out on a high note. Which the NFL needed badly. It had been a year of low ratings, lousy officiating, players protesting when they were not brawling, and an overall sense of malaise settling over what had been, for years, America’s national sport… if not its national […]

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No Football for Christmas


The National Football League had a couple of games scheduled for Christmas Day but I couldn’t watch them. Couldn’t, even if I had wanted to. And I didn’t. We were visiting my daughter on her farm. She had just taken ownership and hadn’t yet had time — or, perhaps, the desire — to get cable […]

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NFL Wrestles With a New Problem


The NFL, under the stewardship of its $200 million-man Roger Goodell, is in such bad shape that it’s on the verge of blowing its one trump card: a virtual monopoly on professional football in the United States. Last week that showman of the sports community, Vince McMahon, sold $100 million of his WWE stock to […]

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