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A Bunch of New Stuff and Bad Actors


Michael Bennett is going to be the death of the NFL. I’m not kidding. This guy is going to destroy the league’s fan base, because nobody has the stones to stop him — not in the Seahawks’ front office, not the in the NFL’s league office, not at the TV networks who pay billions of […]

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The Raging Bull Dies 


He was one of those people who, when you read of their passing, your first thought is, “Damn, didn’t he die decades ago?” Indeed, Jake LaMotta’s claim to our attention came more than a half-century ago when he was one of the fiercest middle-weight boxers, slugger really, during a time when boxing and baseball were […]

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Lost Weekend for the NFL


Hard to imagine anyone feeling sorry for the National Football League. The money, the TV ratings, the magnificently gaudy stadiums… professional football seems inevitable and unstoppable. But … Those TV ratings were down for the first week’s package of games and network executives inevitably blamed… the weather. Specifically, the hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida. […]

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Dear Fellow Conservative


If you haven’t figured it out yet, the game of life is being stacked against you. This, courtesy of the unscrupulous left. This is true in all facets in American life and can be illustrated by reliving a stunning few days in the sports & entertainment world. Take the recent Miss America contest that was […]

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Thanks, ESPN!


On Monday in this space, I posited a theory which is difficult to dispute; namely, that when you allow a leftist takeover of a cultural institution you will soon be struck by the proliferation of manifestly unfit, incompetent people who do violence to the credibility of that institution. Among the obvious examples of this phenomenon […]

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The Old Guard Triumphs in New York


It was the most wide-open U.S. Open in living memory but Rafael Nadal slammed the door shut on all new applications, assuring that the Big Four are not ready to post any vacancies. Their ranks slashed in half by injuries, the old guard’s two towers, the first and, at present, the last member of the […]

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Fourth and Long for the NFL


Television ratings declined, last season, for the National Football League’s games. This came as a shock to the Lords of the NFL. Ratings are not supposed to decline. The NFL’s ratings never decline. This is a law of nature. The popularity of football is always on the increase even as its presence spreads, with games […]

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Bennett, Done That


When it comes to NFL player Michael Bennett and the police, what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t stay in Las Vegas, and in fact, we get two entirely different versions of what happened in Las Vegas. At issue is Seattle Seahawks star Michael Bennett who claims that the Las Vegas police targeted and harassed him […]

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Sloane Beats Venus!


Down 0-30, Venus lets go an ace, a perfect serve-plus-one shot into the corner, a service winner on the T, and clinches with a big baseline shot that Sloane shanks back, long. 1-1. It looks like it’s going to be a ball game. Miss Williams, if you please, and Miss Stephens. Are these the two […]

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They’re Always Coming After You


It’s impossible to know what they will come for next, because who in their right minds would have known what they came for first. Will Dallas Keuchel have to change his first name because the left finds Texas offensive? Or his last because it’s pronounced “Kykel”? What next, your name, my name? Do I just […]

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