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How Tech Giants Twitter and Facebook Are Opening the Door to Competitors Like


I just got off the phone with the founder of, Bill Ottman. is a new social media hybrid site that promises to do what no other major platform has done: keep your information private. It also uses game theory and a token/monetary system to reward users for using the site. It’s also open […]

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Celebrating the Light Bulb and Human Achievement


On October 21, 1879 Thomas Edison ran an electric current through a carbonized filament of cotton thread suspended in a glass vacuum tube. It glowed for nearly 14 hours, into the next day. Consequently, Edison and his team had invented the first truly workable light bulb. It is appropriate that when an idea lights up […]

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Overcoming the China Syndrome


Clifford D. May’s “The China Syndrome” is spot on. Many Americans, and Washington decision-makers, still mistakenly view China as a trading partner rather than a geopolitical adversary.  Mr. May is correct that our “friends” are singularly focused on usurping America’s First World position. This reality was echoed in a recent Mark Levin interview with National Security and […]

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The Low Down on Big Tech’s Troubles


Mainstream big technology companies’ market value has exploded in 2018. At first glance, the rise seems understandable. The technologies developed are ubiquitous. When taking a closer look at the numbers, with particular reflection on the 2008 financial crisis, some serious questions arise pertaining to consumer sovereignty, growth longevity, and inflation. These dangers may pop the […]

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Golden Delicious: Apple Inc. Hits $1 Trillion


Apple Inc.’s stock value topped one trillion dollars yesterday. Apple gained 2.9% from its opening, briefly tipping to one trillion, followed by a selloff. The stock ended the day above one trillion at $207.39 a share. The first member of the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Alphabet’s Google) pack to reach the symbolic mark, […]

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Mind Your Own Business America

Mind Your Own Damn Business


We are a nation of meddlesome Americans. It was not always thus. There was a time when Americans did not nark on their neighbors. They didn’t inform on their coworkers. They have not, historically, been the comrades in a communist regime whispering, seeking favor from the authorities, and sending hated enemies to the gulag for […]

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Google Might Be Able To Figure Out When You Die. Why This and Other Tech Innovations Matter.


Bloomberg just released a piece on how Google is attempting to use personal health data to determine longevity. Perhaps this will be a useful technology, knowing for how much longer a loved one may have to organize their final goodbyes. But perhaps it is also a utilitarian tool for determining if a life is worth […]

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Is Facebook Using Public Confusion Over Its Scandal To Monetize User Data Even More?


The Cambridge Analytica scandal first revealed several weeks ago since has continued to avalanche, with Facebook stock taking a beating, numerous organizations, personalities, and users abandoning the platform, and Mark Zuckerberg himself testifying before Congress for the first time. Even Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, recently publicly left Facebook, criticizing the company’s business practices as […]

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Alarmist Climate Researchers Abandon Scientific Method


So-called “consensus” climate science reaches new lows nearly every day, with many researchers now better resembling dogmatic, fire-and-brimstone preachers — the kind of people who burnt heretics at the stake during the Middle Ages and suppressed scientific discovery — than scientists engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. I don’t begrudge scientists who either believe their […]

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He’s Right! Scott Pruitt Hits Ball Out of the Park on Climate Change


On February 6, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt was interviewed by Gerard Ramalho on Nevada’s KSNV-TV. What he said about climate change produced the usual cat calls and hisses from liberal environmentalists and their stable of paid pseudo-scientists, but the rest of us recognized it as being a solid-gold presentation. Pruitt began by […]

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