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James and the Giant Preach


James Comey loves to preach to us lesser mortals about ethics and such. Like Jimmy Carter before him, James Comey has let the J.C. initials get to his head and thinks he can walk on water. Now that he is trying to plug a book at the same time, he is in danger of electrocution. […]

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Lanny Davis James Comey

Many Dems Can’t Forgive ‘Renegade’ James Comey for Clinton’s Loss


Lanny Davis, the former White House counsel to President Bill Clinton and avid supporter of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, was just finishing his book, The Unmaking of the President 2016: How FBI Director James Comey Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency, when President Donald Trump fired Comey. “I just lost my book,” Davis remembers thinking. Overnight […]

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Kimba Wood Sean Hannity Michael Cohen

Judge in Cohen Case Has Clinton Conflict of Interest


Wait… just… a… minute. In all the Michael Cohen hoo-ha — the latest ID’ing Sean Hannity as a Cohen client — we learn the federal judge involved is… Kimba Wood. (And yes, full disclosure, I write columns over there at the Hannity website.) And for those who came in late? Let’s recall just who Kimba […]

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Stormy, Lewinsky, and Hypocrisy


CBS’s 60 Minutes rounded out Palm Sunday yesterday with an exclusive interview with porn-star Stormy Daniels leveling salacious charges against President Trump. The interview was aired almost 20 years to the day of another surreal interview involving a president and sensational sexual allegations. On March 24, 1998, the New York Times provided a platform for […]

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Stormy Danielzzzzzzzzzz


Perhaps we should give thanks to porn star and bona fide publicity whore Stormy Daniels, whose emergence as the replacement for the Democrats’ Russian meme as the Silver Bullet That Will Take Down Donald Trump Once and for All is in full bloom. After all, Daniels is considerably easier on the eyes than Robert Mueller, […]

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The Other Russian Collusion Investigation


As Washington obsesses over alleged collusion involving the Russians and the current administration, a separate investigation in Little Rock looks into alleged corruption involving the previous administration and the Russians. “FBI agents are interviewing people,” Joseph diGenova, a former U.S. attorney hired by the president on Monday, told The American Spectator over the weekend. “That […]

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Hillary Havisham


Hillary Clinton reliving her presidential election sounds like Miss Havisham talking about her wedding day. They both, one senses, harbored great expectations that became great resentments. The letdown of the loss, of an office and of a husband, unleashed psychological torment. The latter copes by donning her bridal gown; the former, by periodically playing pundit […]

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Hey, Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone


Wednesday was the day the ecosystem of left-wing foundations and Democrat special interests (if you wish to interpret that as “teachers’ unions,” you may) with a stranglehold on American public education chose to draft high school kids into political activism, and the show that effort produced was exactly what one might expect. Thousands of students […]

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#MeToo: The Hillary & Monica Edition


Washington There is a growing debate on the left over whose side to take in the simmering controversy between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton or the Clintons (plural), depending on how long Hillary remains loyal to Bill or, come to think of it, how long Bill remains loyal to Hillary. Truth be known, she might […]

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Christopher Steele and the Entitled’s Echo Chamber


In the fragmentary profiles of Christopher Steele, even in the glowing ones, he emerges not as a subtle spy but as a bumptious political activist. He has been described as “very left-wing,” a “little creep” who embraced socialism in college, an ambitious debating society president who invited a representative of the PLO to speak at […]

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