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When Bill Clinton Threatened to ‘End’ North Korea


The liberal media is going ballistic over President Trump’s UN speech, launching into collective orbit over Trump again mocking little man Kim as “rocket man.” This time, President Trump made that jab not from his Twitter account on a Sunday morning but from the world’s biggest international stage: the vaunted assembly of the United Nations […]

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All of Obama’s Wiretappers


Hillary Clinton’s campaign memoir rests on an astonishingly audacious lie: that the very FBI director who made her campaign possible by improperly sparing her from an indictment doomed it. A normal pol who had mishandled classified information as egregiously as Hillary would have felt eternal gratitude to Comey. Only an entitled ingrate like Hillary would […]

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Hillary, Here Is What Happened


Washington What did I tell you? Late in November of last year, after the presidential election that finally ended the Clintons’ 24-year pursuit of power in Washington and their diminishment of the Democratic Party, I wrote that the Clintons were finished. I had consulted my sources. What is more, I reported that on election night […]

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Racism Is Their Only Answer


Monday So, here I am in bed reading. On line, Yale has sent out an abstract of a “research paper” about how black and Latino people are not doing as well educationally and economically as white people would like to think. White people think black people are catching up with white people fast. But, says […]

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Hillary’s Bomb


Those political and cultural analysts who think the Bill and Hillary Clinton marriage is a sham are doubly wrong. First, they need to take the E from Dan Quayle’s potatoe and spell shame properly. Second, the marriage is so real they have collaborated on the most eventful step in recent governmental history (as well as […]

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She Happened: It Took a Village to See Through Her


As a matter of full disclosure, I have not yet read Hillary Clinton’s latest opus, What Happened. I did, however, read Shattered. As for What Happened, I will wait for the movie. But here is the part of “[w]hat [h]appened” that the book reviewers have not all addressed. And this part is addressed to the […]

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Sore Loser Hillary Broke Campaign Promise Without Winning


Hillary Clinton described last fall’s presidential election as a “theft” in an interview with Anderson Cooper. “I think it needs to be eliminated,” Clinton said of the Electoral College on CNN. “I’d like to see us move beyond it, yes.” Like Miss Havisham wearing that wedding dress or Uncle Rico talking about throwing a football […]

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The Alternate Nostril Breathing of Lady Macbeth


Hillary’s campaign memoir, What Happened, is as awful as expected, serving as yet another cracked window on her phoniness. She remains the baby-boomer feminist fraud, still pouting over alleged sexism even as she hurls herself upon various fainting couches. She writes about her defeat with the emotional intensity of a parent who lost a child […]

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Upcoming Book/Excuse Tour Gives Democrats Hillary Fatigue Syndrome


Hillary Clinton’s continued obsession with inflicting herself upon a public that told her to go away almost a year ago is now giving agita to those who used to be close to her. According to Politico, the Democrats are sweating her impending book tour. President Donald Trump may be the only person in politics truly excited about […]

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Even WaPo Thinks Pro-Hillary Site ‘Verrit’ Is Dumb


It would redefine “understatement” to say that hardcore Hillary Clinton supporters still aren’t taking the defeat that happened almost a year ago well. While they may have gotten past the point where they thought some sort of magic would remove President Trump from office and install Her Imperious Pantsuitedness in his place, they’re still acting […]

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