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Obamacare Repeal: Is There Life After September 30?


When John McCain announced that he wouldn’t support Graham-Cassidy, the Arizona senator’s latest betrayal of his constituents rendered it obvious that the most promising Obamacare repeal and replace bill produced by the GOP was in trouble. Then, after Texas Senator Ted Cruz added his name to the list of doubtful votes, it seemed a sure […]

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The Games Go On


The NFL needed a good day, Sunday, and needed it badly. Earlier in the week, President Donald Trump had made some famously intemperate remarks about those players who would not stand for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner before the opening kickoff of a game. Something about how a team owner should fire any […]

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The War on Drugs Has the Wrong Targets


It is a cliché in Washington that the war on drugs has seen a comeback, thanks almost entirely to the efforts of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Whether that comeback is as big as advertised is a matter of some debate, as Sessions has actually been more dovish than his predecessors in some respects. However, what […]

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Offsides for the Kneel-In


Let’s not stress out, shall we, while endeavoring to make sense of the fuss and foolishness over mass NFL boycotting of the “Star Spangled Banner.” That would be because the fuss and foolishness themselves make no sense: save as a window for viewing the lunacies of 21st century life. Are we a nation or a […]

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Trump’s Future Lies in Alabama


Washington The future of Donald Trump’s presidency could ride on what Alabama Republicans do at the polls on Tuesday. If Trump’s favored candidate, Sen. Luther Strange, wins after trailing in recent polls, the president can claim that he still can work magic with the GOP base. But if challenger Roy Moore, a former Alabama Supreme […]

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Our Compassion Reservoir Severely Tested


Images on the evening news in recent weeks, have been gut-wrenchingly sad. When Hurricane Harvey roared into Texas, flooding much of Houston and surrounding communities, my heart was broken to see refugees huddled in horror in shelters and evacuation centers. Then just days later I was overcome with compassion for those in the path of […]

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The Madness of Criminalized Politics


Professional liars sometimes get so carried away with their arguments that they don’t realize they’ve started to tell the truth. That’s what happened last week when the private attorneys who have been prosecuting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on the flimsiest of securities fraud charges basically admitted that their whole case is “absurd.” It’s taken […]

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Unmasking: Yet Another Abuse of Powers


Despotic regimes are inherently unstable. That instability, they believe, can be offset by oppressing their peoples. One usual tool of oppression is the “secret police” who spy on the population, trying to identify political dissidents who can be imprisoned (or shot) before they become dangerous. History is rife with examples. Czarist Russia had the Okhrana. […]

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I’m With America’s Commissioner-in-Chief


Donald Trump, the person the media tells you at every turn is the dumbest guy in whatever room he is in, in just one weekend outflanked the left, the Democratic Party, the media, and the elites. Not only did Trump outmaneuver his political enemies, all the self-proclaimed enlightened people still haven’t caught on that he […]

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The Age of Corporate Welfare Is Upon Us


Asked to describe the notable political themes during the Trump presidency so far, the average American would likely mention political polarization, escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, and debates over health care policy. One theme they likely would not mention would be the rise of corporate welfare. Wealthy corporations receiving unnecessary, targeted tax breaks is […]

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