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Pennsylvania Might Improve Its Dreadful Drinks Laws — A Little


If Rep. Jesse Topper has his way, Pennsylvania’s legislature will roll back its infamous stealth tax on drinks. Topper, a Republican representing the south-central Bedford, Franklin, and Mercer counties, has introduced H.R. 2263, which would repeal the “flexible pricing” authority given to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in 2016. Why is this good news? Well, […]

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Don’t Use the Farm Bill to Make Up for Trade Mistakes


There are very few winners in a trade war, but there are always clear losers. One of the clearest losers from the Trump-initiated “trade skirmish” (which threatens to escalate into a full-fledged trade war) has been American farmers. Unfortunately, these trade disputes have been heating up just in time for the beginning of the quinquennial […]

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Rent Control Is Too Damn Likely


Sacramento Most people believe the rent is too damn high in California. Fortunately, we don’t have candidates running under the unusual The Rent Is Too Damn High Party, as they did in New York. But thanks to California’s initiative process, the state is on the verge of unleashing rent-control ordinances in municipalities across the state. […]

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Mass Shootings: Lessons Since Columbine


As anti-gun advocates intensify their campaign to use mass carnage to hollow out the Second Amendment’s individual right to bear arms, a cornerstone of their campaign — that fewer guns would reduce violent crime — has been undermined by a new studyon gun violence. Conducted by the Centers for Disease Control — one of the […]

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Amazon Primed for Healthcare Push (Putsch?)


Amazon announced its number of Prime customers for the first time last week. The online retailer counts 100 million of them — who, excluding students and others affiliated with educational institutions, each pay $99 — around the globe to subscribe. Sixty-seven million of these Prime customers live in the United States. A majority of U.S. […]

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Hospitals Pulling the Plug Against Families’ Wishes


Who decides whether your sick child lives or dies? You or the hospital? On Monday, the parents of 23-month-old Alfie Evans, who has extensive brain damage, were told their son’s life would be terminated by hospital staff. That night, the hospital turned off his ventilator. The hospital decreed “once all external signs of life have ceased,” […]

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The Counterintelligence Probe’s Phantom Origin


The guilty note that Susan Rice wrote to herself after Trump’s inauguration takes on more and more meaning as the shocking details of Obamagate come into focus. The Obama administration’s decision to spy on the Trump campaign was not, in her words, “by the book” but scandalously irregular. It turns out, according to Congressman Devin […]

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Media Complicity in the Violence of Our Politics


Washington Has it been noted that the country’s political disagreements are becoming increasingly violent? About fifteen years ago “the angry left” appeared on the scene, and its indignant members got a lot of attention from the media. The enormous volume of press attention signaled the media’s manifest approval, if sotto voce. Next came the Occupiers’ […]

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The Hannity Rule


So you want to be a journalist — or you are one now? In light of the news that the media finds that Sean Hannity’s friendship with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen should have been noted in every Hannity-Cohen interview, and with the news that the Guardian is now making Hannity’s private real estate dealings a news story? Now […]

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Opportunistic Exploitation of Holocaust Survivors


It’s hard to be shocked any longer by how far into the gutter the Post will delve in order to come up with an anti-Trump story. But, surely, to opportunistically use a gathering of elderly Holocaust survivors as a guise to smear President Trump as an anti-Semite — as the Washington Post’s Petula Dvorak did in yesterday’s Metro […]

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