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Democrat Blame Game


No surprise that Obamacare insurance premium rates are going up this year by large amounts, as they have every year since the Government Medicine Takeover Law was passed during early Obama with zero Republican help. Also no surprise that Democrats are blaming the increases on Donald Trump. That’s right. Donald Trump. It’s pretty clear that […]

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Baseball’s New Organization Men


The tone of this Daily News article reflects the current order of things in Major League Baseball (and, I assume, the bushes as well), where the game is increasingly run by GMs and the computer geeks they’ve hired and not by field managers. Baseball men are increasingly being replaced by MBAs and number-crunchers. Spit cups are leaving […]

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Silicon Valley’s ‘Terms of Service’ Hypocrisy


In an episode of the popular television show South Park, a fictionalized Steve Jobs forces a group of the show’s characters to permit themselves to be sewn together, in a reference to the shock horror film The Human Centipede. Jobs is able to do this, the show notes, because no one reads the iTunes Terms […]

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Al Franken, Harvard Man


You can always tell a Harvard man but you can’t tell him to not grope a sleeping woman. “I couldn’t believe it,” model Leanne Tweeden writes of an unpleasant experience with Senator Al Franken during a USO tour of the Middle East. “He groped me, without my consent, while I was asleep.” A picture tells […]

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Al Franken To The Rescue


Since last week, the political news has been dominated not by the Bob Menendez corruption trial, not by the fight to pass tax reform in the House, which happened Thursday, not by the rather stupendous accomplishments of the president and his team during his Asia trip — including bailing out three UCLA basketball players who […]

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Redemption Is Possible, for Countries and Kids


Films about race and racism can be important. They’re also difficult to make. Witness Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation, which failed last year to convince moviegoers and award voters. Now, 2017 has been a better year for the genre. The dark and brilliant satire/suspense/horror/social commentary Get Out — it is not easy to categorize […]

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Creeping, Gripping, Groping, and Griping: The Year of Al Franken


And so the liberal Democrat double standard plays out again. By now, we are well aware of the extraordinary predilection that certain prominent liberal Democrats — and their bagmen, donors, and fundraisers — have for sexually harassing women, objectifying women, using women as playthings and sex objects, even while giving the other kind of lip […]

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Cordray Is the Sort of Nanny Ohio Loves


An official who’s been in charge of a Democrat-created federal office for blame, scapegoating, and extortion announced Wednesday that he’d be stepping down at the end of the month from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. This was followed almost immediately by the news that the official, Richard Cordray, was expected to run for governor of […]

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Top Washington Post Writer Defends Pederasty


Philip Kennicott, is a “Pulitzer Prize-winning” staff writer at the Washington Post, specializing in criticism of art and architecture. A former editorial writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kennicott has also commented on politics from time to time in the paper’s Style section. Given the paper’s breathless coverage of the Roy Moore story and its […]

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Want Tax Cuts? Reform Health Care


Can tax cuts exist in the era of the $20 trillion debt? A better query asks: how do spending increases thrive in the era of the $20 trillion debt? Investor’s Business Daily indirectly answered these questions in an editorial earlier this week. “Even with an allegedly budget-busting tax cut, the federal government will claim a […]

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