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Current Court Cases Relating to Islam Show a Broad Picture


After years of legal battles, the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge has finally received permission to build a mosque in the small New Jersey suburb, along with a 3.25-million-dollar settlement from the Bernards Township. According to the Justice Department, the township used coding regulations to unfairly discriminate against the society, similar to the cases that […]

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Fewer Regulations in Washington, DC Is a Good Starting Place for Reform


Throughout the first quarter of 2017, bureaucrats in Washington, DC issued fewer new regulations on how banks and financial institutions must do business, according to a quarterly analysis of the effects of federal government rulemaking published by Continuity, a business firm specializing in automating compliance management for financial institutions. The Banking Compliance Index (BCI), created […]

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The CREATES Act Is Back


This past Thursday, April 27, a major piece of legislation that deserves far more attention made its debut in the Senate. I refer to the “Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples Act of 2017,” abbreviated as the CREATES Act of 2017. While this bill originally was scheduled to debut back in February, apparently […]

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Finding Sanctuary… Cities


It’s 2020. President Kamala Harris decides that it’s time to expand on the success of the Title IX sexual discrimination investigations on university campuses. A letter goes out to city councils, county boards and state labor commissions across the country, informing them of an expansive new interpretation of Titles VI and VII of the Civil […]

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Gay Rights and Judicial Activism: Brazen End Run on Congress


The Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch were a week-long tutorial on the separation of powers under our Constitution. The proceedings examined in excruciating detail the role of the Congress to make laws and the courts to interpret the laws and the Constitution. The hearings underscored the importance of […]

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Big Music Seeking a Congressional Bailout


Today, “more than 100 accomplished music creators” are in the nation’s capital for the annual “Grammys on the Hill.” But tomorrow, these stars will be taking part in a massive lobbying effort sponsored by the major record labels and largest music publishers. The halls of Congress will be abuzz with high-priced lobbyists and famous recording […]

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Airbnb May Finally Win Its Long Battle Against Nashville


Places like Nashville, Tennessee, should love short-term rental platforms like Airbnb or HomeAway. For one, the city has a booming tourism industry but remains short of enough hotels to meet surging demand. This is why Nashville’s downtown has the highest average nightly hotel rate in the United States — ahead of cities like San Francisco […]

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Mnuchin Must Bring Transparency to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac


Now that he has been confirmed, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has a lot on his plate. He needs to do what he can administratively to reduce the crushing burden of the Dodd-Frank Act on small banks and credit unions. He also needs to work with Congress on major legislative fixes such as the forthcoming Financial Choice Act from House Financial Services […]

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Ashton Kutcher’s Impassioned Plea to Help Victims of Sex Slavery


Today, Ashton Kutcher testified in front of a Congressional committee urging the Senators he talked to to help fund software that can track sex traffickers on the Dark Web. It’s a must-watch. The Texas Tribune featured an exposé today about one young sex slave and her experience. It is absolutely heartbreaking. A snippet: No one […]

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The 9th Circuit Rampages Over the Executive Branch


The stay against Trump’s executive order blocking immigration from certain countries remains. Here’s what I knew even before the ruling: The judges were transparent in their bias in favor of the Washington Attorney general. They lead him in arguments and helpfully pushed him in the direction they wanted. I’m no attorney and I knew that […]

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