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Can Conservatism, Inc. Hold Pharma Accountable for the Opioid Crisis?


The crisis of confidence in the pharmaceutical industry remains one of the least well-reported elements of contemporary politics. And despite numerous scandals surrounding mismanagement and price gouging by Pharma companies, the proverbial big Kahuna of the industry’s scandals is undoubtedly the developing Opioid crisis. As documented in a recent story from the Washington Post, Pharma […]

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What’s Good for Tech Is Not Good for America


In 1953, Charles Erwin Wilson, former CEO of General Motors and President Dwight Eisenhower’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, told the U.S. Senate that he had sold his GM stock with a memorable phrase. “For years I thought what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa.” As of his […]

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Tariffs Are Behind Skyrocketing Lumber Prices


Back in April, President Trump slapped tariffs of around 20 percent on the Canadian softwood lumber industry. At the time, I wrote that it would cause lumber prices to rise, citing estimates that prices could increase by around 6.4 percent. Well, it turns out I was wrong, and lumber prices have not risen by around 6 or […]

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‘Fearless Girl’ vs. the ‘Charging Bull’


What, more street theater along the lines of “Occupy Wall Street”? Do we have to endure another example of progressives hurling false accusations at free-market capitalism? That was my first thought upon seeing the pictures of the small bronze statue named “Fearless Girl.” Seemingly out of nowhere, on March 7, 2017, she popped up in […]

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Blind-Siding the Public


In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king. When it comes to Missouri’s rapidly proliferating special taxing districts, one-eyed kings pick millions of dollars out of the pockets of unseeing and unsuspecting consumers / taxpayers. Who preys upon the sightless with such cruel impunity? More often than not, it is […]

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In Government We Antitrust


The American economy produces roughly $18 trillion worth of goods and services every year as firms compete to provide consumers the goods and services they demand. But over time, the government has come to play a much larger role in the economy, imposing regulations that cost the economy over $1.9 trillion annually. Unfortunately for consumers, […]

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Will ‘Opportunity’ or ‘Inequality’ Motivate Imminent Reforms?


Google’s Ngram, which charts the use of written words over time, tells us something profound in its display of the opposing trajectories of “inequality” and “opportunity.” As “inequality” enjoys the growing inequality between the two terms, the chance for “opportunity” shrinks. Given the chart abruptly stopping in 2008, a dreadful year that helped catalyze the […]

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East Texas’ Patent Star Chamber Is Down But Not Out


When the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the landmark case TC Heartland v. Kraft earlier this year, patent reform advocates breathed a sigh of relief. Here, at last, was the unanimous smackdown that would put an end to venue shopping trolls trying to use any specious excuse they could to get in front of friendly […]

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China’s Coming Crisis Will Not Be Capitalism’s


Conservatives should prepare for China being the next big economic crisis. While they cannot stop it, they can prepare for the left’s predictable response. Liberals seek to use every economic crisis to tarnish capitalism and increase government control of the private sector. Because of China’s claimed duality of communism and capitalism, liberals will be particularly […]

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Don’t Let Big Pharma Imitate Obamacare


“Repeal and replace” as a concept was always elegant, particularly as a campaign slogan. In practice, it is consistently proving itself to be harder than its proponents imagined. As with the AHCA before it, it appears that the Senate bill designed to repeal Obamacare is running smack into a moat of disparate GOP visions for […]

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