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Qatar Security

Cybersecurity: The New Frontier in Human Rights


Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important diplomatic and human rights issue, as states weaponize digital tools to oppress and suppress their people and violate the privacy of others around the world. This came to light on Friday, when the Frontiers to Freedom held a conference titled, “Saudi Arabia & UAE: Regional Adventures & U.S. Interests” […]

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FDA Delay Costs the Lives of Smokers


For companies trying to bring potential life-saving products to the market, the least they can ask for is a responsive, timely bureaucracy.  Unfortunately, approving reduced harm technologies in a prompt manner seems to be beyond the ability of American regulatory agencies, with product evaluations often blowing past statutory deadlines and reasonable expectations of timeliness. Case […]

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Apple iPhone

Tariffs Could Take a Bite Out of Apple


President Trump cast doubts on a trade deal with China ahead of his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Argentina, saying it is “highly unlikely” he would agree with a request from Beijing to postpone his next planned round of tariffs. Trump intends to increase a current 10-percent tariff on […]

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Trump Should Punch Xi


If someone stole $100 from your wallet every month for 15 years, what would you do when you caught him? You would not say, “Stop stealing.” You would call the police and demand repayment. President Donald J. Trump should tell Chinese President Xi Jinping at this week’s G-20 summit in Buenos Aires: America needs to be […]

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Congress Should Follow Senate’s Plan for Broadband in Farm Bill


As leaders in Congress hammer down the details of the Farm Bill, they should use the Senate’s plan for rural broadband deployment that provides better safeguards against taxpayer waste. Farm Futures reports that negotiators in the House and Senate hope to finalize a framework for the bill so Congress can take up the expired Farm […]

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The Medical Industrial Complex


60 Minutes demonstrated the primary ailment of American healthcare on Sunday. “The actual drug naloxone can cost as little as a nickel a dose, according to industry insiders,” Lesley Stahl remarks about the drug that brings the opioid dead back to life. “But Evzio costs a lot more: its price tag is over $4,000.” Nobody […]

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The People vs. Amazon


Bipartisanship in today’s Washington is as rare as a wardrobe completely free of items purchased at Brooks Brothers. But rarer still, is when that bipartisanship runs against moneyed interests. Indeed, most “bipartisan bills” should practically come with a NASCAR-style sponsor sticker, so obvious is it that they get proposed by people taking money from the same […]

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Free Markets

To Achieve the Goals of ‘Socialists,’ Try Free Markets


Across the nation, including my home state of Pennsylvania, socialism is growing in popularity. Political activists styling themselves as “democratic socialists” are swinging and even winning primary elections. Candidates tout socialized medicine, free housing and college, and even universal income. Polls suggest Democrats — while enjoying the benefits of capitalism — still prefer socialism. Whether this preference […]

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Will Blue States Go for Trumponomics?


In a contest too close to call, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski is running to slash Connecticut taxes and bring Trumponomics to the state. The nation is watching to see whether a fiscal reformer can sell Trump’s tax-cutting approach to voters who disdain Trump. Critics call Stefanowski’s proposal to phase out the state income tax […]

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Postal truck

Withdrawal from Postal Union Will Benefit Americans


The leftist tech media is trying to frame President Trump’s plan to withdraw from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) as a negative for consumers when the goal is to stop postal subsidies that are harming American businesses. “Trump Is Trying To Screw Up Your Cheap International Shipping,” proclaims a recent click-bait headline from Gizmodo. Trump […]

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