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Verizon Rolls Out 5G Eight Months After Trump Nationalization Memo


Verizon shot the first round in the 5G armament war this week with the introduction of “Verizon 5G Home.” The largest domestic mobile career, Verizon is pulling a quick draw on the ever evolving tech market in an attempt to outdistance its competitors. According to Gizmodo, 5G will be available in Houston, Los Angeles, Sacramento, […]

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Who Cut the Music? Speculation in Trump’s Economy


The Trump economy is quite the party. Stocks are soaring, jobs are easy to come by, and incomes continue to rise across the U.S. Yet, September’s IBD/TIPP poll, one of only two polls to correctly predict the 2016 election, is playing party crasher. Of the three items polled, Six-Month Economic Outlook, Personal Financial Outlook, and […]

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Piles of Plastic Pollution

The Free Market Solution to the Plastic Problem: Clean Tax Cuts


This article was written by Rod Richardson, Doug Woodring, and Scott Cassell. Due to limitations in our formatting, we include their bylines here. An estimated 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year — a large number, but dwarfed by the roughly 4.9 billion tons of plastic waste dumped on land and sea […]

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Time to Unshackle the Entertainment Industry?


The U.S. Department of Justice is currently in the midst of examining the hundreds of antitrust consent decrees in effect in the country, which are essentially government agreements with industries that allow them to have concentrated market share in exchange for following specific strict guidelines concerning pricing, product, and business practices. Perhaps the most significant […]

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States Warn Investors of Tariffs’ Effects


States are telling bond investors that the increasing trade wars stirred up by President Trump’s tariffs could have negative impacts on their financial bottom lines. In documents outlining recent bond sales, Illinois and Washington cautioned investors about the impact of tariffs. Reuters points out that those are two of the top five exporting states. Illinois, a […]

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Doing America’s Work: Labor Day Thoughts on Corporate Nationalism


“Who is John Galt?” is a question that resonates throughout the ideological echo chamber of the Right. It’s a sort of mantra that dominates the underlying economic assumptions of everyone from Libertarian activists, like the Koch Brothers, to the corporate conservatives, like Mitt Romney. It’s as pervasive a motto on the Right as Senator Elizabeth […]

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Your Search Has No Results: Conservatives, Trump, and Google


Donald Trump whipped up another fake news tirade this past week, lambasting tech media giants, particularly Google Inc., for “suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good.” In conjunction with Trump, head economic adviser Larry Kudlow issued a statement Tuesday demonstrating the administration’s possible interest in search engine regulation. Trump’s tweets […]

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Don’t Believe Net Neutrality Hype Over Verizon and California Fires


The mainstream and tech media are pointing to Verizon’s throttling of the data speeds of the Santa Clara County Fire Department as it battled blazes in California as another reason why net neutrality is needed. But upon closer examination, the situation points to the opposite. While Verizon erred in this case, the concept of throttling […]

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Tech Is Trying to Rig Politics Completely


The past few weeks have shown an alarming series of developments when it comes to the compatibility of today’s tech sector with a free society. The most controversial of these, no doubt, was the banning of Infowars and its flagship host Alex Jones from multiple social media platforms, all at once, a decision that even […]

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Regretting the Gig Economy


In the suburb of Houston I call home, the gig economy has made all the difference. Getting to the airport used to be a two-day logistical planning pain in the butt. Uber changed that. We didn’t have taxis. Now, neighbors who make money on their off days, drive me to the airport. To my children’s […]

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