We’ve Seen This Movie Before


The film industry witnessed its worse year since the 1990s in 2017. Hollywood, during the advent of television to name but one fallow period, has seen this movie before. But because filmgoers similarly lament seeing this movie before, they stay home. The ninth installment of the “Star Wars” franchise captured the top spot at the […]

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The Road From Texas to Omaha


It’s hard to believe given how fresh and exciting the game still feels, but it’s now been nearly two decades since No-Limit Texas Hold’em became the game du jour in the poker world. Now it’s not as if someone flipped a switch and everyone suddenly started playing that particular format — although famed Texas pro […]

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Here Comes Inflation


Friday It’s almost two weeks into the New Year and it already shows signs of being just as crazy as the old year was. To begin with, my life has been upside down for about one solid year since my wife came down with what seems to be a horrible case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. […]

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When Actor, Director, and Script Merge Perfectly


Christopher Plummer has played so many memorable roles. I mean, The Sound of Music! But here’s a question. As a spry 88-year-old, has the British master ever been better than he is in All the Money in the World? We see actor and role come together in perfect harmony. Embodying John Paul Getty under the […]

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A Brutal Western With a Heart


Good actors show up in terrible films. This year’s The Leisure Seeker is an example: the great Helen Mirren works with a sublimely bad script and the resulting Very Ill Senior Citizen comedy is utterly unwatchable. Bad actors sometimes show up in good films. It’s rare. But think of the appealing yet modestly talented Vin […]

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I Smell a Skunk


Obviously, the sexual abuse scandals that are now roiling Hollywood did not start recently. But how far back do they date? To answer that question, this investigative reporter tracked down the most flagrant and notorious of Hollywood’s sexual predators. I refer, of course, to that undeniable stinker, Pepé Le Pew. Unashamed and uninhibited, Pepé Le […]

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Trump’s the Moron?


It is a recurring theme of Democratic agit-prop that Trump is a moron who must be relieved of duty under the 25th Amendment. This arrant nonsense will stop at some point as Trump’s enemies erratically come out of denial to survey the wreckage of the Democratic Party. How to assess the Democrats? Ernest Hemingway advises […]

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Beauty and the Beast for Adults


The voice of Sally Hawkins is appealingly clear. Just last year she hummed and muttered her way through the overlooked indy Maude. So seeing this English actress shine in a film without saying a word is, to say the least, odd. It is true, though: The British actress doesn’t speak in The Shape of Water, […]

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‘The Princess Bride’ Is 30? Inconceivable!


Remember video stores? They tended to be hole-in-the-wall shops stacked floor to ceiling with VHS cassettes of every movie you didn’t want to rent, but you couldn’t rent the one you wanted because it had been rented already. In terms of customer satisfaction, this unhappy arrangement was problematic. But if video stores did one thing […]

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Rejecting Victimhood


The waves of the Pacific Ocean can be mesmerizing, providing solace and peace and, for surfers, excitement — a welcome counterpoint to the noise of Southern California’s daily grind. The Mason family seems to be looking for this sort peace when they move from Michigan to Palos Verdes, a wealthy enclave along the rocky coast […]

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