All in the Left’s Family: Roseanne Barr and Archie Bunker


Conservatives seem intrigued by the new rendition of Roseanne, which, for the record, I plan not to watch. A mere small sample of the typical cultural gruel served up by the TV networks can be seriously unhealthy to body, mind, and soul. But I digress. The resurrected Roseanne is the talk among the nattering nabobs […]

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Hill Street Creator Dies


Steven Bochco, creator of Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, and Doogie Howser, MD, died Sunday from leukemia at his home in Los Angeles. He was 74. Bochco won a slew of well-deserved Emmys for his ground-breaking shows, my favorite of which is Hills Street Blues. The series ran for 147 episodes between 1981 […]

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Roseanne, You Da Man


Roseanne pulled monster ratings Tuesday night. More than 18 million watched for a 5.1 rating. More watched the reboot’s debut than the original run’s finale. Given broadcast television’s troubles in the intervening two decades, the numbers astound. What accounts for the blockbuster premiere? The X-Files, American Idol, and other one-time ratings juggernauts reappeared to respectable […]

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Avoid Trouble When You’ve Got It Good


The end stages of both single and multi-table poker tournaments are a matter of walking the tightrope. The blinds are so high relative to the size of most players’ stacks that one wrong move can cause a player to bust out. Caution is king. Since we know that most players are going to be careful […]

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Lady Bird of Sacramento


Set in Sacramento in 2002-2003, Greta Gerwig’s female coming-of-age story Lady Bird provides two main points of perspective on the otherwise claustrophobic representation of that city — “the Midwest of California” — which its eponymous heroine (Saoirse Ronan) is so eager to escape, along with her Catholic high school and the mother (Laurie Metcalf) with whom […]

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PC on Music Row


It’s worse than we thought. Later than we thought. The totalitarian PC enforcers have even established a beachhead in country music. COUNTRY MUSIC!! Darkness and devils! Hives and hemorrhoids! Is anything or anywhere safe? Country has always been the music home of more traditional, down-home, red-white-and-blue Americanos. Other music genres may have gone over to […]

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The Shape of Hollywood — Losing the Plot


According to Nielsen ratings, this year’s Academy Awards ceremony was a huge bust. The hoped-for watchers did not tune in, and the number of viewers tumbled. The television audience fell 19% from last year’s broadcast, the Wall Street Journal reports, continuing a multi-year slide for the landmark show. It took less than twenty-four hours for Hollywood’s […]

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PGA Tour at 40-Year Peak


Game. On. In golf, that is. As the PGA Tour returns to its accustomed March sojourns in Florida, its season is shaping up to be a second consecutive dance of high drama, with the most intriguing conglomeration of great plotlines in 40 years. The Tour’s young guns are blazing, its mid-career stars at peak brightness, […]

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Who’s the Greatest Songwriter of All Time?


Let’s think about how we would answer this question. Maybe Lin-Manuel Miranda for his marvelous, creative, catchy musical Hamilton with its 47 songs? Well maybe it’s premature to anoint him as the greatest songwriter of all time, eh? What about Andrew Lloyd Weber with his: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1968; Broadway 1982), Jesus […]

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Leverage Your Poker Stack


One advantage of placing a big bet into the pot in a game of No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha on the flop or turn is the threat of bets on future streets that may be even larger than the initial wagers. Players who call bets on the flop or turn know they may […]

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