J.T. Young

J.T. Young served in the Department of Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget from 2001 to 2004 and as a Congressional staff member from 1987 to 2000.

The Left’s Suspensions of Disbelief


The border security debate illustrates that the left’s agenda requires two suspensions of disbelief. The first is needed to make the left’s proposal seem palatable; the second is needed to make it seem plausible. Such suspensions apply not just to the left’s border security stance but across their agenda. As the left becomes more radical, […]

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From Ho-Ho-Ho to No-No-No


The Nebraska principal’s classroom Christmas ban teaches America: Political correctness hasn’t gone crazy; it always was. If ever there was a season for reflection, this is it; and if ever there was a reason for reflection, this would-be overreach is it. Both reflections show the distorted image political correctness wants for America. A new school […]

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Establishment Media Bias Blames Its Victims


Liberals love victims… except those of establishment media bias. The American public astutely recognizes the bias, even as the establishment media adamantly refuses to acknowledge it. This ironic role reversal — from publicizer to perpetuator — reveals the true goal in the left’s love of victims and the establishment media’s role in advancing it. No […]

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Democrats Are Right To Be Worried


Democrats are right to be worried by polls showing their falling midterm margins. They got lost following this map two years ago. The reason for their loss then, and their legitimate worry now, is that President Trump won his votes to maximum electoral vote impact and that impact closely replicates today’s congressional map. Polls clearly […]

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What If Democrats Fail?


Democrats’ great expectations are transforming into more modest midterm realizations. Polls showing dwindling margins raise a question not thought for months: What if Democrats fail? Having raised the bar so high, going below it could have severe ramifications. Make no mistake: Democrats will win midterm seats. That is the bonus parties get for not having […]

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Liberals Warn: Their Worst Will Only Get Worse


Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was more than attempted character assassination, it was the liberals’ warning shot. Intended to be lethal, it also signaled the next one will be worse. No group is more dependent on the Supreme Court’s power than America’s left and they will stop at nothing to prevent losing further ground there. The left’s […]

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Democrats May Thank Hillary for This November 


Democrats anticipating happy returns in November’s midterms may thank one person: Hillary Clinton. Without her 2016 loss, they would not be looking ahead to 2018 gains. Instead, Democrats would be facing a congressional debacle of historic proportions. In the realm of hypotheticals, Clinton winning the White House in 2016 is hardly far-fetched. That was the […]

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Democrats Must Worry Liberals Won’t Show Again


Democrats dreaming of a liberal peak this November, should also remember the valleys. In efforts to keep the left ginned up, there is more at stake than just maximizing an upside. Democrats must also worry about downsides — both liberals’ and their own. In the past, liberals have failed to deliver; should this happen again, […]

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Trump Backs Democrats Into a Far Left Corner


President Trump is pushing Democrats further left and greatly enhancing his reelection chances. The Democratic Party’s leftward momentum was already there — Sanders did well in 2016, even before Trump was Republicans’ nominee. However, Trump’s presidency has accelerated the slide and threatens to turn 2020 into a contest of ideology, rather than just on his […]

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Progressives, Aren’t


As the left rises, so does its relabeling as “progressive.” Beneath relabeling lies an acute problem for Democrats facing the left’s ascendancy. The left can win Democratic primaries, but Democrats cannot win general elections as “the left.” No triviality of semantics, it’s serious politics: Democrats have little choice but to attempt the left’s re-branding. As […]

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