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John Samples
by | Aug 24, 2005

WASHINGTON — In 1999, President Bill Clinton, at the behest of Republican leaders in the Senate, nominated Bradley A. Smith to the Federal Election Commission. The nomination did not receive universal praise. The New York Times called Smith’s nomination “an…

by | Jul 19, 2005

LONDON — The Tate Modern is a cathedral of contemporary art, an old power plant set on the Thames across from St. Paul’s in London. The power plant had a single tower rising far above the rest of the building….

by | Jun 30, 2005

“You guys are lame,” Jason said. “You guys? Which guys?” I try to be patient with Jason. He belongs to the angry libertarian crowd, angry at George W. Bush for Iraq, prescription drugs and much more. Jason and I were…

by | Jun 9, 2005

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” “What? Who said that?” Colin said, giving me a puzzled look. We had been drinking lattes and chatting about his plan to get a masters degree in computer science. He…

by | May 27, 2005

WASHINGTON — Why does the world love a traitor so? Well, the world does not, at least when he betrays his country for money or ideas. But when he betrays his party — or specifically, the Republican Party — the…

by | May 10, 2005

February 10, 2009 Insta Pundit University of Tennessee School of Law Knoxville, TN Dear Mr. Pundit, I am writing to inform you that the Federal Election Commission has voted unanimously to support my recommendation that there is “reason to believe”…

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