Admitting the effects of the Bush tax cuts just to bash them

By on 10.11.11 | 11:48AM

Suzy Khimm of the Washington Post deserves special praise for noting just how much conservatives have done to keep taxes on the poor low (even if it is just to accuse them of hypocrisy). While covering Erick Erickson's "I am the 53 percent" rebuttal to the Occupy Wall Street "I am the 99 percent" cry, she writes that the logic is flawed:

But there is some tension between the site's critique and conservative tax policy. Part of the reason that over 40 percent of Americans don't pay taxes is because of the continual push to lower them - a cause that conservatives have championed. For example, while the Bush-era tax cuts benefited the wealthy, they also lowered taxes at every income level, making it "relatively easy for families of four making $50,000 to eliminate their income tax liability," as the Associated Press notes. Ronald Reagan's tax cuts, similarly, took many lower-income Americans off of the tax rolls, an accomplishment about which the Gipper was quite proud.

The Obama Watch

The Coming Crash of 2011

By 2.10.10

There will be naturally occurring economic growth this year -- but then Obama's neo-socialist, recovery delaying policies kick in for good and we better hope the rest is just his history.

Depression Era Returns to NC

By on 8.20.09 | 11:41AM

Beverly Perdue, a Democratic governor with one of the lowest (if not the lowest) approval ratings in the country, has posted a series of Q&A videos in which she addresses concerns of her North Carolina constituents.

Streetcar Line

Cox Exchange

By 3.6.09

Replacing smears with the truth about former SEC head Christopher Cox, the left's scapegoat for the credit crisis if not the entire recession.