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Washington Prowler

A Losing Republican Slade

By 4.14.03

Karl Rove hears bad news about Washington State. Plus: Howard Dean woos a splinter group.
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Reader Mail

Booking Title


Closing out our Hillary Memoir jamboree and book fair. PLUS: CNN's suicide, pronouncing French, pronouncing on the French, growing hot, cooling off, San Francisco Bay blues, and much else.
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Enemy of the Week

Instant Revisionists


Everyone always knew it was going to be easy, especially those stuck in Vietnam jungles and Iraqi quicksand.
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Editor's Desk

To Hillary With Love, Part Deux


We conclude our charitable work on behalf of the untitled Senator from New York state and former first person of the United States.
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The Investor

The Lawful Truth

By 4.11.03

If you can't gamble, golf, or gossip about the war, how about complaining about lawyers and the law?
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Another Perspective

No Blood for Congo


If the U.S. can't be blamed, the peace left pays no attention.
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