Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore is an economic consultant with Freedom Works, an American Spectator contributor, and a senior economic advisor to the Donald Trump campaign. He is coauthor of the new book, Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy (Regnery).


Hillary’s Enablers


The Never Trump snobs on the right are a strange lot. They not only predict that Donald Trump will lose the election. They WANT him to lose to Hillary—perhaps because they will feel vindicated. They are more closely aligned with the far left in the Democratic Party than the grassroots conservative activists of the Republican […]

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New York Times Paints a False Picture of Prosperity


The New York Times is now officially putting opinion pieces on the front page. Consider Monday’s article entitled: “Millions in U.S. Climb Out of Poverty, at Long Last.” This is an amazing headline given the real state of the economy for the working class. Yes, according to newly released census data, incomes for middle class families […]

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Hillary and Obama Want to Make Dying Even More Expensive


If Hillary Clinton wins the election, a lot of bad things will happen on taxes, not least of which is a big hike in the death tax. Hillary wants to apply the death tax to smaller estates and raise the tax rate to 45%, which means that when you count the state estate taxes, the […]

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The Republicans’ Sore Loser Caucus


I’ve heard a lot from the Never Trumpers inside the GOP who say that Trump violates their “conservative values.” Most of them were Bush and Kasich supporters. So I have a question: Isn’t keeping your word a “conservative value”? Jeb Bush and Kasich and many of the other candidates took a solemn pledge to support […]

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Hillaryonomics: Tax, Spend, Repeat


Hillary Clinton is playing the American voters for fools. Her much-anticipated economic policy speech on Thursday was full of fluffy rhetoric and ideas to rebuild the middle class that are reruns of Barack Obama’s promises of eight years ago — the same Obama agenda that has tanked the middle class. She promised that she would […]

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Are Democrats the No-Growth Party?


Amidst the latest email turmoil inside the Democratic National Committee, another scandal of sorts has emerged. Democrats don’t have any growth message. None. My friends at the American Enterprise Institute reported last week that the Democratic platform is silent on “economic growth.” Every poll shows that the economy and jobs are the voters’ top two […]

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Hillary vs. Trump on Energy


It hasn’t gotten much attention but both presidential candidates have now enunciated their energy strategies for the country. Start with Hillary. She’s all in on green energy — Europe-style. She says within 10 years she will subsidize 500 million solar panels. (Solar City must be loving this corporate twinkie.) She also says within 20 years the […]

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Hypocritical Hillary


What an amazing speech in Columbus by Hillary Clinton. She started off by telling the American people what is patently obvious: ‎People are working harder and longer just to keep their heads above water. And to deal with the costs, the everyday costs, the costs of basics like childcare and prescription drugs that are too […]

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Republicans: Stop Whining and Lead


Well, it turns out Annie had it wrong. The sun won’t come out tomorrow. That was basically the message from Fed chief Janet Yellen last week when she acknowledged the economy is doing more poorly (again) than previously hoped. The Fed admitted that sluggish growth that caps out at 2% is with us as far the […]

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The Stupid Party Keeps Getting Stupider


In the last month or so both of the presumptive presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have said stupid and even offensive things. Trump as we all know, because we’ve heard it repeated by the media one thousand times, questioned the impartiality of a federal judge because he is of Mexican descent. Dumb. Even […]

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