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Zurawik Hates Sarah Palin

As far as liberal bloggers go, Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik is one of the better ones out there.

Zurawik sometimes goes against the grain as he did when he criticized the Obama Administration’s war on the Fox News Channel in October 2009.  In the run up to the mid-term elections, Zurawik took both President Obama and the Democratic National Committee to task for their attacks against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

With this in mind, I wish Zurawik would take a more fair and balanced approach to Sarah Palin. When I say fair and balanced, I am not expecting Zurawik to concur with Palin’s philosophy, policies or even her personal conduct. But I do expect a pretense of objectivity.

Which brings me to Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Suffice it to say, Zurawik is not a fan of the show:

But here’s what matters about her lowering herself to the freak show level of a reality TV star on TLC.

When the carnival comes to town — and TV and the Internet are our electronic midways — we all at one time or another let the carnival barkers lead us to one of the back tents to look at the fish with six heads or the woman with so many tattoos she has not one inch of flesh colored skin. We pay our money, we look, we shake our heads and then we go back to our real lives. We do not invite the woman with the grotesque tattoos home for dinner.

And while we might tune into the reality-TV show characters and even follow them on sleazy celebrity gossip websites, we don’t vote for them as presidents.

So Sarah Palin is “the woman with the grotesque tatoos” we should not invite to the dinner table nor elect President?  Well, whether Sarah Palin is invited to the dinner table or elected President is up to the American people, not David Zurawik.

One of Zurawik’s chief objections to Sarah Palin’s Alaska is her involvement in hunting and commercial fishing.  Or as Zurawik puts it, “Palin bludgeoning fish to death and shooting caribou.”  O.K, fine, Zurawik doesn’t like hunting or commercial fishing.  Yet his objections beg several questions. 

How does Zurawik think meat and fish come to market?  Does he think caribou and halibut walk into the local supermarket and declare they are ready to eat?

Does Zurawik think hunting and commercial fishing should be banned?  Should Americans be prohibited from purchasing and consuming meat and fish?

After all, Sarah Palin is hardly the only American, let alone Alaskan, who engages in hunting and commercial fishing. Indeed, Palin was out hunting with her father and a family friend.  Or does Zurawik also consider Chuck Heath and Steve Becker to be nothing more than reality-TV show characters?  If he does then that tells me that Zurawik sees Palin, her family and her friends as less than human beings.

After reading Zurawik’s column I can only come to one conclusion.  David Zurawik hates Sarah Palin.  Sadly, he isn’t the only one.  But surely Zurawik can do better than that.

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