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Why Not REALLY Fight Kagan?

I just sent the following to a list of friends. 

What would Reid do if the GOP pushed everything to the mat?

Just BEFORE Reid actually files for cloture, somebody — Sessions, McCain, Coburn, SOMEbody — should take the floor and not give it up. Hold it for 18 straight hours. Read the actual Constitution alive. Blast Kagan’s ethics and suggest that she pushed at least to the very borderline of perjury in her Senate testimony. Talk about how she screwed the 9/11 families. Make a big deal of it. Attract network attention to the first honest-go-goodness one-man filibuster since Al D’Amato did one in 1992. Get the public engaged.

Then, when that senator tires, force Reid to the outer time limits on Kagan AND on all other matters. Make him read the other bills pending before recess. Make him use the entire 30 hours of debate on those other bills. Make him wait the full day between filing for cloture and the actual vote on cloture. And then use ALL 30 hours of ACTUAL debate that is allowed post-cloture. Make those Dems squirm. Keep them from going home to campaign for re-election. Make them have to explain to the public all of this.

Make them explain how they support a partial-birth abortioning, 9/11 family screwing, political pamphlet-banning, First Amendment “doling,” speech “redistributing,” sharia-law supporting, foreign law promoting, gay marriage-by-judicial fiat promoting, ethically challenged, military denying/law-breaking, anti-gun-rights, natural rights denying, woefully inexperienced, Borking supporting, no-government-limiting, racial preference supporting judge who believes it is okay for a judge to “create rights” and “try to mold and steer the law in order to promote certain ethical values and achieve certain social ends”

Just for once, take it to the friggin mat. And see the American people rally to their cause.

UPDATED: Links added.

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