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Why Do Liberals Throw Things at Conservatives?

In light of Rupert Murdoch being hit with a pie today at a parliamentary inquiry in London, ABC News put together a clip of other public figures who have been pied or have had things thrown at them. ABC News notes, “Murdoch’s pie incident is only the latest in a series of activist pranks.”

So cue the Benny Hill music. Now everyone have a good laugh at Ann Coulter, George W. Bush, Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich and Steve Ballmer. Yes, nearly all the figures shown who have had projectiles thrown in their direction are conservatives. The only person one couldn’t classify as a conservative is Ballmer (who is the CEO of Microsoft) whose political contributions to Republicans and Democrats are nearly 50-50. Not that it stops people from thinking Ballmer is a Republican. Nevertheless, I suppose that’s ABC’s idea of fair and balanced.

It should be further noted that nearly all of those who were firing objects were left-wingers angry about gay rights, abortion, etc. (In Bush’s case, it was the Iraqi shoe thrower.) Yet aren’t liberals supposed to be the civilized ones?

I have some firsthand experience with regard to the civility of liberals. Shortly after he took office, I read an anti-Obama poem at The Cantab Lounge in The People’s Republic of Cambridge and one of the poets threw a Coke can at me (it missed and hit some sound equipment instead.) To be fair, the young man was chastised for his actions and he apologized to me. However, I think they were angry at him for hitting the sound equipment rather than for his attempt to hit me. Indeed, after the mid-term elections, the woman in charge of poetry night Cantab told me that my politics made her uncomfortable and I was subsequently banned from reading there shortly thereafter. Needless to say, liberal tolerance is an oxymoron. But I digress.

Yet isn’t it interesting we do not see conservatives hurling projectiles at liberals? But, of course, in the event a conservative did throw something at a liberal, well, then all the talk would be about how conservatives are mentally imbalanced and predisposed to violence. ABC sure as hell wouldn’t be running a video about conservative on liberal violence accompanied by the Benny Hill soundtrack.

But why do liberals throw things at conservatives? Because liberals cannot bear to hear impure thoughts. They cannot countenance opinion that differs from their own. People who think differently from them must be subject to humiliation in the name of tolerance. Of course if liberals were really tolerant then they would be curious enough to ask questions of conservatives. Tough questions perhaps but questions that would give the conservative the room necessary to reply. Liberals will tell you that they welcome opposing views provided that such views not make their presence known. Alas, liberals wouldn’t know tolerance if it hit them in the face.

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