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Why Akin Won’t Hurt GOP

Over at CNN, Erin Burnett conducted a survey of “thirty-one independent political journalists and analysts” as to whether Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akins’ “legitimate rape” comments will hurt the GOP’s electoral prospects in November. A resounding 89% of said “independent political journalists” responded in the affirmative.

I’m not buying it.

1. What CNN considers “independent political” views aren’t what most Americans consider “independent political” views. I am willing to bet that you if surveyed the same 31 journalists as to their opinion on abortion, 89% would be pro-choice. Well, 89% of the American public is not pro-choice. According to a Gallup Poll released last May, 50% of Americans are pro-life while 41% of Americans are pro-choice. This is important because Democrats like Elizabeth Warren are making a concerted effort to link Todd Akin’s views on abortion and other social issues mirror those of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Scott Brown and the entire Republican Party. Most people know such efforts are hogwash.

2. After all, nearly every Republican and conservative in the country has denounced Akin for what he said. Of course, people who think Republicans are conducting a war on women aren’t going to vote Republican anyway. But even if an independent voter doesn’t like what Akin had to say or is pro-choice on the abortion question, they also know that what he said doesn’t represent Republican or conservative thinking.

3. I suspect Akin will be gone despite his defiance. But even if he’s still on the ballot there’s still the economy. President Obama didn’t fix the economy and now he owns it. Things aren’t likely to get any better in the next 76 days and I suspect by early November that Akin will be but a footnote. Obama’s policies affect every American whereas the stupid, offhand comment of one Republican in Missouri doesn’t.

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