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Who Put Charlottesville on the Map?

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” That would have been the narrative in Charlottesville. However, the media and social media have made what was a local story at best into, well, what it has become. You win, media, you win, social media, a woman is dead, and a town is in tatters, all to fill a 24-hour news cycle, now going on 96 hours. Of course, there is also the other narrative being refreshed that the President is Hitler incarnate and his supporters the future Fourth Reich.

If not for social media and the David Dinkins police handbook, Charlottesville wouldn’t have been a story; it would have been the beginning of a bad joke. A white nationalist, a Nazi, a member of the BDS movement, and a member of Antifa, walk into a small town. Try googling how many white nationalists or “Nazis” were there protesting. Maybe you have better googling skills than I. It is curious, though, why no number has been offered.

Since we don’t know, I would venture to say there were more counter-protesters than actual protesters. And, yes, “size does matter” in this scenario. Because we are being led to believe that that the Nazi party is on the rise, and David Duke has the slightest modicum of relevance. David Duke has about as much influence as an ’80s one-hit-wonder. Yeah, there is the passing curiosity of the loyal base, of where are they now, and the fleeting fantasy of one more hit, but the hit never comes. David Duke has been relegated to the county fair, and the media is elevating him to arena rock status.

David freaking Duke, really? Say it out loud and try not to laugh. If anyone should be or would be scared of a growing “Nazi Movement” it should be this card-carrying, Star of David wearing Jew. But the numbers don’t lie. Sorry to disappoint, but there is no Nazi epidemic. What the President should say in response when asked about David Duke is, “Sure, that’s right, Davey and I share a Sabbath meal once a month, with Jared, Ivanka, my two daughters-in-law, my head of HUD, my chief economic adviser, and all of my grandkids who are all Jewish, and Omirosa.”

This shouldn’t have been a story. And however many unreported members of the New Nazi regime showed up and would have given a few Sieg Heil’s, screamed whatever racist and I guess anti-Semitic slogans they could think of, exercised their First Amendment rights, dispersed, had a few Heinekens, saluted the motherland, and gone back to their tiny lives. But no, the media wanted a story they created. Again, a story that they, the mayor, and Terry McAuliffe created, and who without a doubt are as responsible for a young woman’s death as the idiot Charger driver. He drove, but they gave him the directions. They want to blame the President and his supporters. I don’t think so. “You are pointing, and three are pointing back at you.’

A tree fell in Charlottesville, and yes it was heard, and most sadly a woman’s life was taken. For what? A post, a tweet, an endless news cycle, to create a narrative that doesn’t exist. What does exist is the hatred, violence, and fear being perpetrated by leftist “terrorist” groups like BLM, BDS, and Antifa. But the media decides what tree in the forest we hear, and sadly and horrifically they have been cutting the trees themselves, and what an awful sound they have created.

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