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What Would a Romney Justice Dep’t Look Like?

Speaking before the NAACP Convention today in Houston, Vice-President Joe Biden said, “Imagine what the Romney Justice Department will look like.”

Well, I can imagine exactly what a Romney Justice Department would look like.

It would be colorblind.

Just as it should be.

A Romney Justice Department would prosecute individuals who intimidate others from voting be they black or white. I would also imagine that the Romney Justice Department would not wantonly use the courts to sue states who pass legislation with which they disagree. And if the Romney Administration were to have a beef with a particular state, he would see to it that his Attorney General had actually read the offending piece of legislation in question rather than merely glancing at it.

Of course, this is not the image that Biden intended to conjure. The Vice-President went on to say:

Imagine when his senior advisor on constitutional issues is Robert Bork. Imagine those incredibly important positions of justice. Imagine, and I mean this, this is to me is one of the most critical issues in this election, imagine what the Supreme Court will like after four years of a Romney presidency.

Well, until Biden mentioned Bork it hadn’t occurred to me that Romney would seek his counsel nor has he given any indication he would do so. Perhaps Biden was flashing back twenty-five years to chairing Bork’s ill-fated confirmation hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and jousting with Thomas Sowell. Given how the late Ted Kennedy claimed how “blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters” in Robert Bork’s America, there should be no doubt what message Biden intended to communicate to his audience and for that he ought to be ashamed.

Frankly, Biden is the next to last person in America (aside from President Obama) who should be complaining about a Republican President appointing Supreme Court justices. Given what a big f#*kin’ deal the passage of Obamacare was to Biden you would think that he would be grateful to President Bush for having appointed Justice Roberts.

Biden also shouldn’t be so eager to tell us to imagine life under a Romney Justice Department because we know what life is like under the Obama Justice Department. Just ask the family of Brian Terry.

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