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What Do the Jews Have to Do?

Should we really be surprised the International Olympic Committee didn’t see fit to hold a moment of silence for the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Munich Olympics at the now completed London games?

I will remember the 2012 Olympics for two things. I will remember them for Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated athlete in Olympic history. I will also remember them because the Lebanese judo team refused to train in the same room with their Israeli counterparts. Olympic officials, who would not be moved to hold a moment’s silence for athletes, moved heaven and earth to aid and abet anti-Semitism by placing a screen in the room so the Lebanese team would not be blinded by gazing at the Jews. As Mark Steyn noted it was a case of “taking the Jew out of judo.” All good humor aside, the truth of the matter is that most of the Arab/Muslim bloc is delighted that Jews were slaughtered forty years ago and would have been delighted had it happened again in London.

This delight extends to Muslim countries that have been at peace with Israel. Although it is feared that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will sooner or later tear up the Camp David Accords, the fact is that the peace has long been a cold one and most Egyptians despise the Jewish state and those that comprise its majority. Last month, an Egyptian TV program played a practical joke on several of that country’s prominent actors. Each of the actors was in a TV studio doing an interview. When the actors were told the TV station was Israeli they reacted violently by throwing things about the studio and assaulting the actors they now thought were Jewish until they were told otherwise. The international community demands Israel make peace with the Arab/Muslim world. Yet after 35 years of peace, Egyptians still can’t be in the same room with a Jew without being moved to violence. The Camp David Accords aren’t worth the paper on which they are written. The same could be said for the Oslo Accords.

What do Jews have to do to change the hearts and minds of the Arab/Muslim world? Save their lives? Well, when I heard about the massive earthquake in Iran last week, the first thing that came to mind was when the Iranian regime refused Israeli aid following an earthquake in Bam in December 2003 which claimed more than 25,000 lives. Apparently, Iran’s regime would rather its own people die than have their lives be saved by Jews. Of course, this occurred before the current Ahmadinejad regime came to power. So one needn’t imagine what Iran’s response would be if Israel were to offer help now.

Of course, not every one rejects help from Israel. It was recently revealed that the brother-in-law of Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh received life saving heart surgery at an Israeli hospital a few months ago. Has Haniyeh has shown any gratitude? Not on your life. Haniyeh and Hamas continue to call for Israel’s destruction and blame it for the murder of 16 Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai earlier this month even though all evidence suggests it is Hamas that is responsible.

Yet one need not be the brother-in-law of the Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza to be treated in an Israeli hospital. In a spectator.org article last week, P. David Hornik noted that over 100,000 Palestinians from both Gaza and the West Bank were treated in Israeli hospitals in 2010. One woman from Gaza who was treated for burn injuries at an Israeli hospital planned to show her appreciation by setting off a suicide bomb in the hospital in the hope of killing as many Jews as possible. Hornik commented, “Though admittedly an extreme case, it would be nice to think this large number of Palestinians’ benefiting from Israeli medicine would have a conciliatory effect.” Alas, even the high quality of Israeli medicine isn’t strong enough to heal Arab/Muslim hatred of Jews.

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing Jews, be they in Israel or anywhere else, can do about Arab/Muslim hatred and all the peace agreements in the world can’t change that fact. The only people who can stop Arab/Muslim hatred of Jews are the Arab/Muslim world. It is up to the Arab/Muslim world to be willing to be in the same room with Jews without erecting a screen. It is up to the Arab/Muslim world to be willing to be in the same room with Jews without resorting to violence. It is up to the Arab/Muslim world to be willing to accept help from Jews when they offer it. It is up to the Arab/Muslim world to show gratitude when they receive such help. In order for this to happen there would need to be quite a few brave Arabs/Muslims willing to speak up. When I say brave I truly mean it. Because if a Sunni Muslim in Egypt, a Shiite Muslim in Iran, or a Christian in Lebanon says that the time has come to stop Jew hatred, then those people have signed their death warrant. Yet if there is to be a true peace between Jews and Arabs/Muslims this is exactly what must happen. But I have no illusions this will come to pass in my lifetime. So while the Arab/Muslim world continues to call for Israel’s destruction, the world will continue to say it is up to the Jews.

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