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We Need to Talk About Hillary Clinton

Along with its efforts to demonize Donald Trump, the mainstream media has mounted an effort to prove that Hillary Clinton is not the heartless robot she appears to be. True, she communicates the same level of humanity as a 200-pound cockroach, but the New York Times has a solution. It suggests a woman whose health has manifestly been destroyed by alcohol should drink even more.

It’s not hard to get Hillary to do things that will make her look like one of the guys, if not better. During the 2008 primaries she tried to connect with Wisconsin voters by relating how, the first time she went hunting, she shot poor Daffy right out of the sky, much to the astonishment of the men who’d expected her to fail.

In a similar vein, she told about how she challenged John McCain to a drinking contest while the two were on a congressional tour of Estonia, and beat him after downing four shots of vodka. “She’s a girl from Illinois who likes to throw ’em down with the rest of us,” said her campaign manager.

Senator McCain admitted to having a couple of drinks, but denied there’d been a contest. Yet so fond was Hillary of this tale, she repeated it on a clip which she posted on her Facebook page. Look at the woman in this video, people. Doesn’t quite look like she could walk a straight line, does she?

Hillary Clinton continued to drink her way through the 2008 primary season. There was an excruciatingly embarrassing scene at Bronko’s Restaurant and Lounge in Indiana one Saturday night. Mingling with the patrons, she was “cajoled” into downing a shot of Crown Royal whisky. “She sipped at first, but later threw her head back and swallowed it down.” One drink led to another and soon Hillary was under the influence, if not the table. She called for the Mayor of Hammond. “Tom, Tom, come sit down.” But the Mayor was somewhere else. “My campaign drives people to drink,” she said truthfully. In vino veritas. “Every time I get around you we always start drinking,” said the Mayor when he finally showed up. Poor man. We understand how this could happen.

Hillary lost to Barack Obama who made her Secretary of State, and soon thereafter, in June 2009, we received news of her first reported “accident.”

Walking from the State Department to the White House, Hillary fell down and broke her elbow. On a perfectly flat surface it would seem, as no impediments were reported. She required surgery and Madam Secretary was out of commission for a while, though we’re told that she continued to work at home.

The media will go to great lengths to protect Hillary Clinton, but what can you do when a whole passel of people are at the scene, filming, Hillary as she climbs the stairs to her private plane. Slowly and carefully, with the tedious caution of the seriously inebriated.

Having made it to the top of the stairs, she turns to wave at her public, then turns back and falls flat on her face. We watch as the stewards try to help her up. It’s not easy, and this excruciating scene mercifully ends when someone has the wits to turn off the plane’s interior lights.

That was January 2011, and by the following year, April 14-15, 2012, Hillary’s drinking had gotten seriously out of control, culminating in the Cartagena debacle. On a Summit of the Americas trip to Colombia, Madam Secretary and her entourage were filmed swilling beer and wine in the Café Havana. Hillary is chug-a-lugging from the bottle as she “dances,” wildly waving her arms in the air.

“SWILLARY. Hill knocks back brew and scandal rocks summit,” screamed the front page of the New York Post.

HILLARY CLINTON: THE SECRETARY OF PARTYING headlined TMZ. A London Telegraph blog post asked whether she was “becoming an embarrassment.”

Abroad this was seen as an embarrassment; at home it was a joke. At a Press Club dinner President Obama yukked it up with his fawning hangers-on, telling them that Hillary “won’t stop drunk-texting me from Cartagena.” No one in the Administration much cared that Hillary was cracking up before their very eyes.

A few months later, this 65-year old woman was physically unable to carry out her official duties. She’d had to cancel a trip to the Middle East, having contracted the ’flu. Then she took a spill walking down the stairs in her home. The ensuing “concussion” laid her so low she was unable to return to work for six months.

Hillary’s health problems have not improved in recent years. Last February she needed the help of three men to navigate the steps to a South Carolina non-profit she was visiting as part of her second primary campaign. She’d apparently taken yet another fall and couldn’t mount the two stairs on her own steam.

Ironically, the building serves as a two-year residential facility for substance abusers. One can’t help but be struck by the thought that it’s here, not the White House, that Hillary should be making her next home.

So, in an attempt to avoid another embarrassing photo, Hillary’s campaign forbade the press to film Hillary as she boarded her private plane. But those optics weren’t great either.

Most recently, Hillary took a near tumble as she climbed down from a platform at a rally. See the final 10 seconds of this video. A French publication posted a blow-up of the defining moment, capturing her very close call.

Evidently, Hillary is a lush with serious health issues. So should we be talking about this publicly? Perhaps not?

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a 2003 novel by Lionel Shriver. Kevin is a mass murderer, a school shooter who murdered nine classmates, a teacher, and a cafeteria worker. Also his father and younger sister. We know most of this from the beginning, so the book isn’t a whodunit. It asks how things were allowed to come so far when it was clear all along that Kevin was a sociopath who posed a danger to everyone around him.

Kevin has no empathy for anyone. He’s incapable of caring and takes no moral responsibility for his actions. He feels himself to be superior, and knows that one day he’ll get the recognition he deserves.

Kevin’s father is the eternal optimist who sees everything through rose-colored glasses: His is a great family. He’s the liberal side of the family. Kevin’s mother is more realistic, but doesn’t want to upset her husband. She’s the conservative side. There is a feeling between them that something is seriously wrong with Kevin, something that needs to be dealt with. There’s a lot of rationalization, but the matter is never discussed.

We live in a society where there are things we don’t talk about, important things. We tell ourselves, or we are told, how “capable” and “steady” Hillary Clinton is, though she’s proved herself to be the opposite and getting worse every day.

Who knows what tragedy a Clinton presidency will bring down upon the world the country and the world?

We really do need to talk about Hillary Clinton, but not now. Another time.

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