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Thoughts on the Beheading of James Wright Foley

American photojournalist James Wright Foley was beheaded yesterday by the ISIS. Foley had been missing since November 2012. ISIS stated it beheadd Foley because of the Obama Administration’s recent decision to conduct airstrikes in Iraq due to ISIS’ genocidal actions against the Yazidis. They have also threatened to behead Stephen Joel Sotloff, another journalist who has been held in captivity for more than a year unless Obama halts U.S. airstrikes in Iraq.

Aside from the inherent evil of this act, what disturbs me most is that the executioner spoke with a British accent. At this point, we don’t know this man’s identity. But it isn’t unreasonable to speculate that this man was probably born or at the very minimum was raised in Britain. After all, three of the four men responsible for the London Tube bombings in July 2005 were British born Muslim while the fourth was a convert born in Jamaica. This man could also be a convert to Islam. It was only last year that two British born Muslim converts of Nigerian origin beheaded a British soldier named Lee Rigby in broad daylight. If Muslim terrorists are prepared to murder British soldiers on British soil in broad daylight then we shouldn’t be surprised if a British born or British raised Muslim terrorist beheads an American photojournalist in Syria.

Of course, American born Muslim extremists have reared their ugly head as was the case in June 2009 with the murder of Private William Long outside a military recruitment center in Arkansas by a convert to Islam. Then five months later came the Fort Hood massacre which the Obama Administration still classifies an act of workplace violence. But what sets Britain apart was the recent revelation that more Britons had signed up with ISIS last year than had joined the British Army Reserve. And one of those Britons may very well have been responsible for the murder of James Wright Foley.

Yes, there’s always the possibility that a British Muslim could join the Army Reserve and they could have a Hasan on their hands. But the fact that more Britons are signing up with ISIS than with the British Army Reserve is a huge warning sign. If this trend continues it means the Britain of the Magna Carta and Winston Churchill is dead and gone. Let me put it another way. Should the day come that more Americans sign up with ISIS than volunteer for our military then the jihadists will have truly triumphed over the United States and life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

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