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The Slippery Lips of Obama

I appreciate what Quin is trying to say concerning President Obama’s “Polish death camps” remark. But I simply do not agree with him when he argues that Obama made nothing more than “a harmless slip of the lip.” The last time an American President made a slip of the lip concerning Poland we ended up with Jimmy Carter for four years.

If one were to take Quin’s argument to its logical conclusion then Obama is off limits for saying he visited 57 states with one left to go and as well as for proclaiming he was “here in Asia” during the APEC Summit when he was, in fact, standing in his native Hawaii. Nor could Obama be called to account for calling the Falkland Islands the Maldives when he meant to call it the Malvinas. That slip of the lips is rather unsettling to the U.K. never mind to those who call the Falklands home.

Even if President Obama intended no malice, the fact is that he has caused an international incident with an ally that stood by our side in both Afghanistan and Iraq. And how does President Obama repay that loyalty? First, he jettisons missile defense to mollify the Russians while getting nothing in return. Now he refers to Nazi death camps as Polish death camps. Obama has only aggravated matters by having a flunky do the talking for him rather than personally accepting responsibility for his actions and making amends with Poland.

As Polish PM Donald Tusk so eloquently asked, “If these were “Polish death camps” then from whose hands did the uncle of the President of the United States liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp?” Then again perhaps we are asking too much of Obama. After all, he publicly stated that his uncle had liberated Auschwitz making him a veteran of the Soviet Red Army. But to excuse Obama’s ignorance here is to ignore a litany of foreign policy errors and diplomatic impropriety which deserve our full scrutiny.

President Obama has repeatedly apologized for America’s actions. But Obama has rendered our international reputation into a sorry state whether by unceremoniously returning the bust of Churchill, talking while “God Save The Queen” is playing, calling Hugo Chavez “mi amigo”, saying we shouldn’t been seen as “meddling” in Iran’s “elections” while meddling on behalf of those who tried to subvert Honduras’ constitution, sending The Dalai Lama out the back door with the garbage while telling Benjamin Netanyahu to show himself to the door after being more concerned with Israel building housing than with Iran building a nuclear weapon. Obama would later call on Israel to return to its “pre-1967 borders.”

This row which Obama has started with Poland is just the latest in a long line of slippery words and incompetent deeds for which he richly deserves to be scorned. As such, these slippery words and incompetent deeds deserve to be considered by voters as they go to the ballot box in November. 

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