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The Open Border Extremists
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The extremism of the Democrats, their honed-to-a-fine-edge radicalism, is displayed almost daily on the subject of abortion. When anyone — like poor old Joe Biden — strays an inch on abortion, they’re quickly reined in as Biden was last week when he endorsed the Hyde Amendment and then was forced into a flip-flop.

Their extremism goes beyond abortion to other important issues such as illegal immigration. The Dems are committed to an extreme open borders position.

The Dems’ refusal to consider any legislation to stop the flow of illegal immigration across our southern border was, to their outrage, end-run by the president in his deal with Mexico last week. The deal resulted from Trump’s threat of presidentially imposed tariffs under his national security authority. It was a beautiful sharp stick in Nancy and Chuckie’s eyes.

Since he was inaugurated, President Trump has been searching for solutions to the immigration problem and most — nearly all — of what he’s tried to do has been thwarted by the Dems and court actions. The threat of heavy tariffs on Mexican exports — most of which come into the U.S. — was Trump’s attempt to use the economic sanctions weapon that he’s used to great effect on nations such as Iran and Russia to tackle illegal immigration.

Trump threatened five percent tariffs on Mexican goods if they didn’t do more to stop the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S. The tariffs would have increased by five percent per month until Trump was satisfied with the Mexicans’ actions. About 80 percent of Mexico’s exports come to the U.S., so the Mexicans were facing a huge decline in trade they cannot afford.

The threat was enough to get the business community’s alarm bells ringing and for some Republican senators to threaten disapproval of the tariffs. They all looked pretty stupid when the result was announced.

Mexico has been a bad actor in this crisis. Its government has been providing illegal aliens from Central America transportation by bus and train to the U.S. border guarded by federal police. Mexico doesn’t want the illegals and has been very happy to shuffle them off to us.

Trump’s threat was enough to force Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador to compromise. The details of the deal are still sketchy — Trump and the Mexicans have different stories on what it does and doesn’t do — but it’s a big step in the right direction and a major win for Trump.

Under the deal, Mexico reportedly will deploy about six thousand troops to its southern border to prevent people from crossing it and then coming to America. Other Mexican national guard troops will be deployed around the country.

Also, the U.S. will be expanding its “Migrant Protection Protocols,” under which would-be asylum seekers are returned to Mexico to await adjudication of their cases. This will result in many fewer illegals being released into the U.S. general population.

The deal reportedly includes a promise to recommence the financial aid to Central American countries that Trump had stopped earlier. That’s a very bad idea because it removes the pressure on those countries to act to stem the flow of illegals into the U.S.

The Dems’ reactions to the deal are what you’d expect. Pelosi said that Trump’s threat of tariffs was reckless and that, “Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy.” Schumer said, sarcastically, that now that Trump has solved the immigration problem we won’t be hearing about it anymore.

No, Chuck. You’ll be hearing about it a lot next year and for very good reasons.

The Dems insist that there is no national emergency at our southern border despite the facts. According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, by the end of May there were 676,315 illegals apprehended there this year, over 144,000 in May alone. More than one million illegals are expected to cross our border with Mexico this year.

A growing number of them aren’t only from Central America. By June 5, at least 500 from southern and central Africa were apprehended. About 350 of them have been sent to San Antonio, Texas. Portland, Maine denied San Antonio’s request for it to take more of them.

Last week, a captured ISIS terrorist confessed to an ISIS plot to have English-speaking terrorists and “westerners” cross the border and attack U.S. financial targets. The “westerners” are citizens of European countries who have gone to Syria to fight for ISIS and are now returning to their homelands. ISIS wants them to get into the U.S. to continue their jihad.

The number of illegal aliens in the U.S. is, according to the Dems and their media cohort, around ten to eleven million. The better estimates say they are about double that in number.

The illegal aliens are welcomed to the Dems’ sanctuary cities where local cops are prohibited from cooperating with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, “ICE,” which often results in the release from local custody and escape of illegal aliens who are the subjects of deportation orders.

When the president declared a national emergency to overcome the Dems opposition to building his signature border wall, the Dems shouted about a constitutional crisis. They continue to refuse funding. In response, Trump ordered the Pentagon to reprogram some of its funding to build the wall. The Dems, despite the fact that walls have protected borders effectively for hundreds of years, deride the idea of a wall as a “medieval” remedy to a non-existent problem.

That “non-existent” problem surfaced again last week when it was reported that TSA was allowing illegal aliens to board airliners without proper identification. With one phone call, the president could stop that practice. He should make that call today and, in the same call, fire the head of TSA.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), one of the loudest anti-Semitic radicals in Congress, said last week that, “It’s un-American to criminalize immigrants for wanting to come to this country for a better life. This is why ICE needs to be defunded.” If a video of her statement exists it ought to be made into a Republican campaign ad next year.

The Democrats have worked themselves into a corner on abortion, illegal immigration, and gun control. They are chafing at the bit to impeach Trump and may yet try to do so. They don’t want to, and probably can’t, stifle their radicalism because it is a primary characteristic of their base.

The 2020 campaign may prove to be the most bitterly-fought in our history. The Dems, with the media’s help, will try to conceal their extremism in a fog of supposed moderation. They can’t be allowed to succeed.

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