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The Endless Hazing of Trump by Sanctimonious Frauds

The self-appointed ruling class is overflowing with egomaniacs and heartless operators who, oblivious to the irony of their own pouting, decry Trump’s “ego” and question his “heart.” Has America ever had to endure a more insufferable collection of frauds? When not sating themselves at Margaret Sanger award galas and Black Lives Matters powwows, they can be heard lecturing Americans on “racial healing” and a culture without violence.

It would be a little easier to hear these disquisitions on nonviolence from brow-furrowing anchorettes and celebrity bloggers if many of them weren’t always obsessing over “reproductive rights.” When will these abortion supporters be tweeting out their disgust for the racist eugenics of Margaret Sanger and calling on all journalists to boycott Planned Parenthood until her statue is torn down?

According to CNN’s David Gergen, whose back-stabbing scumbaggery made him notorious in Washington, Trump “needs to deal with the hatred in his own heart.” Pastor Gergen delivered this moral instruction with his much-practiced look of anguish. At such utter nonsense and gargantuan hypocrisy, all one can do is laugh. Only propagandized nitwits would take any of CNN’s self-righteous posturing seriously. CNN head Jeff Zucker has all the integrity of a strip club owner. Maybe less. At least strip club owners don’t pretend to be something they are not. Zucker calls himself the head of a news network when in reality he is nothing more than a cynical, lowlife maestro of a 24/7 anti-Trump infomercial designed to maximize ratings and delight his corrupt peers.

Of course, joining the liberal mandarins in their sanctimonious and comically unfair nitpicking of Trump — CNN’s cheap-shot headline about Trump “caving to the outrage” (by condemning white supremacists) captures this culture perfectly — are self-described “Republican consultants” whose thin résumés indicate that they are neither Republicans nor consultants in any meaningful sense. Turn on MSNBC or CNN at almost any hour of the day and one of these hideous blowhards will appear. Two of the worst are Nicole Wallace and Ana Navarro. They are two know-it-alls who know nothing except how to pick up a check from news executives happy to pay them for their arrogant, mindless gibbering, provided that it is aimed below Trump’s belt. Such is the CNN-encouraged cockiness of Navarro that she has pronounced the president of the United States ”unfit to be a human.”

Then there is Bill Kristol, whose anti-Trump Napoleonic complex seems to grow by the day. He has put down his dog-eared copy of Burke’s Reflections on the French Revolution and picked up the propaganda sheets of the ACLU. In July, he denounced Trump for saying that “in America we don’t worship government [but] God.” That didn’t sit well with Kristol, who informed his Twitter followers that “In America the president doesn’t tell us who or what or whether to worship.” Thank heavens Kristol has bravely stepped forward to protect the “integrity” of timeless conservatism from such a boor! Without his intervention conservatives might be delivered into the hands of a president who believes in God. What might his awful man do next? Talk about the Ten Commandments? Invoke the Golden Rule? Quote Thomas Aquinas?

A host of “conservatives,” who are just me-too liberals looking for pat on the head from the media for their “fairness” and “decency,” jumped at the chance to smear Trump for his supposedly “disgraceful” response to the Charlottesville violence. Beneath all of their virtue-signaling blather lay a demand to Trump born of their own PC-deferring cowardice: unless you say what the self-appointed ruling class wants you to say and say it in the manner they want it said, while not saying what they don’t want you to say, you are a racist. From their hyperactive rantings, one would have thought that his Saturday tweet linked to Mein Kampf. In fact, it was a blameless condemnation of violence and bigotry. But it was troublingly “generic,” the ranters bleated. And how dare he suggest that violence emanates from many “sides.”

Never mind that it does. A Rachel Maddow fan came close to assassinating a member of the Republican House leadership and the media yawned. And let’s cut the crap: there is nothing “conservative” or “right-wing” about some nihilistic little creep who dabbles in demented race theories. That is a product, if anything, of the godlessness of modern America, a culture that rejected the Judeo-Christian tradition in favor of a subjectivism which teaches children to believe in nothing save their own willfulness and sick self-indulgences. Or to put it in the terms of Bill Kristol, an America that refrains from telling its children “who or what or whether to worship.”

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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