by | May 20, 2019

The College Board’s “adversity score” for the SAT is merely a belated confirmation of how admissions committees have used these scores. For decades, colleges and universities have been interpreting SAT scores to give preference to racial minorities on the fatuous…

by | Jan 23, 2019

There’s troubles ahead for banks, Wall Street, and upscale suburbs. Not to mention President Trump. Elections have consequences. One of the biggest is that firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D. Calif) is the new head of the powerful House Financial Services Committee….

by | Jan 26, 2017

We now take racial equality for granted, but during the long-gone era of state-sanctioned segregation in Texas and throughout the South, one commonly encountered signs proclaiming “No Colored Allowed” and “Whites Only.” The days of Bull Connor, George Wallace, and…

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