by | Jul 23, 2019

Seattle, we have a problem. Amazon generated almost $12 billion in income domestically last year. But the company paid no corporate income tax. Instead, the federal government paid the company $129 million in tax rebates. Amazon, like so many other…

by | Sep 25, 2018

In a year that has put the untenable practices and politics of Silicon Valley’s tech barons under scalding sunlight, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has come in for a particularly nasty set of burns. Just to remind ourselves, let’s count them: First,…

by | May 2, 2018

Washington Milton Friedman was not only a brilliant economist — a Nobel Laureate in fact — but he was a gifted writer. In his 1962 book Capitalism and Freedom he presciently explained how healthcare costs were going to leap out…

by | Apr 25, 2018

Amazon announced its number of Prime customers for the first time last week. The online retailer counts 100 million of them — who, excluding students and others affiliated with educational institutions, each pay $99 — around the globe to subscribe….

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