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Sue Lowden Strikes Back

The Lowden campaign disputes the Danny Tarkanian arguments covered in my earlier post. They point me to this Nevada News & Views column by veteran conservative activist Chuck Muth:

Danny claims Sue Lowden supports bailouts. She doesn’t.

He claims Sue Lowden supports “pork” and earmarks. She doesn’t.

He claims Sue Lowden supports tax hikes. She doesn’t.

He claims Sue Lowden supported removing the pro-life plank from the Republican Party platform. She didn’t.

He claims Sue Lowden is the Republican “establishment” candidate. She’s not.

In an interview with Human Events‘s John Gizzi late last year, Lowden denied the Las Vegas Sun story saying she had supported dumping the pro-life plank from the Republican platform during the 1996 convention:

“And it’s completely untrue!” Lowden told me without hesitation, noting that the Sun “is a very liberal publication that is out to destroy conservative Republicans who can win.” She added that while Hettrick may have taken that position on the platform and expressed those views to the Sun, “that certainly isn’t my view.”

Lowden offers a defense of her conservative record, particularly on taxes (chairing Nevada’s Senate “Senate NO-TAXATION Committee”), here. Here is Danny Tarkanian at RedState criticizing Lowden and linking to his sources. I’ll weigh in on some of these competing claims as I’ve had a chance to look into them. For now, I’ll let the two campaigns speak for themselves.

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