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Shooting at Empire State Building

At least ten people have been injured in a shooting in and around the Empire State Building in New York City. Two people have been confirmed dead (including the shooter).

I am sure there will be more details to follow.

On a personal note, the first thing that came to mind when I heard this was my Dad. I just phoned him. No answer. Probably still asleep.

UPDATE: Just talked to my Dad. All is well at his end.

Unfortunately, there is probably someone out there trying to get in touch with a loved one, cannot do so and will never do so.

UPDATE II: Apparently, the shooter was fired from his job in a shop inside the Empire State Building yesterday. Today, he returned for payback and shot a manager before shooting indiscriminately. How bloody awful.

UPDATE III: Several commenters mentioned it. On Saturday, the NYPD confirmed that the 9 bystanders who were shot in and around the Empire State Building were shot by two police officers who were pursuing the shooter. While the two officers killed the shooter they also could have killed innocent bystanders. This doesn’t inspire confidence. I realize that this happened very fast and you cannot guarantee civilians won’t get hurt in these situations but the NYPD clearly needs to review its procedures where it concerns firing weapons.

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