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Radical Islam Mass Murders Gay Hispanics: And Trump Is the Problem?

Note well this headline over at the Daily Caller:

La Raza Council Cancels Pro-Muslim, Anti-Trump Event After Massive Terrorist Attack

The article reads in part:

A coalition of civil rights groups planned to hold an event Monday attacking Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his rhetoric against Mexicans and Muslims, but cancelled it after 50 people were killed and at least 53 more wounded in a reported Islamic terrorist attack Sunday.

The event was supposed to include leaders from several top rights groups including National Council of La Raza and Muslim Advocates, an advocacy group founded by American Muslim lawyers. The groups said in a press release promoting the event they planned to condemn Trump for “demonizing” certain groups and would demand an apology. The event was scheduled to be held at the National Council of La Raza in Washington, D.C.

Not mentioned by La Raza in their cancellation notice? Take a look here at this report from the BBC. Headline:

Orlando nightclub shooting: Who were the victims?

What follows is a list of the victims as the BBC had it at the time of publication — with photos. Let’s run through some of the names:

Luis Vielma
Edward Sotomayor Jr
Stanley Almodovar III
Luis Omar Ocasio-Capo
Juan Ramon Guerrero
Peter O Gonzalez-Cruz
Eddie Jamoldroy Justice
Jean Carlos Mendez Perez
Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
Jimmy DeJesus Velazquez
Mercedez Marisol Flores
Martin Benitez Torres

There are more names like this on the list of the dead, but this dozen will suffice. Notice anything? Of course. Every single name on this list above — say again every single name — is “Latino” or, if you prefer, “Hispanic.”

Note as well that one of the survivors says that the killer — Omar Mateen — said in the middle of the rampage that he wouldn’t shoot any “blacks” because he didn’t have anything against them. Alas, gays and Latinos were not so lucky.

Yet there was the far-left National Council of La Raza all set to go with a joint protest with a group of lawyers calling themselves “Muslim Advocates” — ironically a Muslim version of the ethnic-oriented San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, a group of lawyers that are bound together not by the Constitution or the law but, in this case, by religion.

Question? How much longer will it take for the LGBT community — not to mention Latinos — to stop idolizing liberal policies that have left them all vulnerable to a mass murder simply because they are gay and Latino? What does it take to realize that their problem isn’t Donald Trump — their problem is the leftist view, embodied by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, that obstinately refuses to recognize much less deal with a murderous radical Islam that has, as in this instance, killing gays at the top of their to-do list.

I may be a straight conservative guy, but it has disturbed me to see that time after time the LGBT community misses the point entirely when it comes to Trump — and for that matter other conservatives. Take this recent headline over at the LGBT-friendly Human Rights Campaign:

Four Ways Donald Trump Would Roll Back LGBT Equality as President

Written barely a month ago, the article is furious that Trump would “Roll Back Nationwide Marriage Equality” (a charge that boils down to a promise to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court). It accuses him essentially of being a bigot because “Donald Trump supports the so-called ‘First Amendment Defense Act,’ (FADA), a bill to enable Kim Davis-style discrimination against LGBT people nationwide.” And there was more.

Let’s ask a question. How much access to “marriage equality” do those gay men and women listed above have today? Answer? None, of course. Because they are dead. Dead at the hands of an Islamic radical who believed the way to deal with the issue of marriage equality was not in votes and elections but by mass murder.

It is beyond shocking that the LGBT community — not to mention Latinos — can look the horrific reality of Orlando in the face and come away with the idea that the real problem here is Donald Trump. The man who has been pilloried from the get-go of his campaign for saying that radical Islam is killing Americans and has to be stopped. In other words, a man who has gotten this exactly right.

Over at Breitbart, it is reported that the conservative Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft has come out as a gay man. The headline:

After the Pulse Club Massacre It’s Time for Gays to Come Home to Republican Party

Hoft writes in part:

I came out in the 1980s to family and friends during the AIDS epidemic. I saw a lot of friends get sick. I saw a lot of friends die. I went to a lot of funerals.

It was a scary time to be gay.

Like most gay Americans I don’t wear my sexuality on my sleeve. I go about my daily business. I try not to harm anyone. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my country.

I’ve been a conservative activist for years.

But today I’m coming out as a conservative gay activist.

In the past few years I’ve built one of the most prominent conservative websites in America. I created The Gateway Pundit because I wanted to speak the truth. I wanted to expose the wickedness of the left. I was raised to love my country. Today I serve my country by defending her from the socialist onslaught.

But, last night 53 gays were slaughtered at an Orlando club.

Despite this obvious Islamic attack Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are still in denial.

I can no longer remain silent as my gay brothers and sisters are being slaughtered at dance clubs.

There is only one man who can lead this nation and protect all gays and all Americans. His name is Donald Trump.

In 2015 a conservative Supreme Court granted gays the right to marry.

In 2016 only one candidate will protect gays from another Islamist attack.

I pray that gays will come back home to the Republican Party — no more death.

Dear God, please no more death.

Well, bravo to Jim Hoft.

To their vast credit, out there in Arizona the Phoenix LGBT has looked this horrific moment in Orlando straight in the eye and refuses to blink reality away. As noted here at Hoft’s site, the Phoenix LGBT has tweeted out as follows:

Phoenix LGBT @Igbtphoenix

We wanted you to be the first to know, after this horrific attack, we’re officially endorsing Trump. Enough is enough.

Yes, it is.

La Raza? Take note.

Jeffrey Lord
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Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is a former aide to Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. An author and former CNN commentator, he writes from Pennsylvania at jlpa1@aol.com. His new book, Swamp Wars: Donald Trump and The New American Populism vs. The Old Order, is now out from Bombardier Books.
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