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Lawrence O’Donnell and the Left’s Culture of Racism


It is always stunning to see a prominent Leftist exhibit their flat-out racism, blithely unaware. Case in point: MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. Rushing to patronize a Member of Congress because she is black (not to mention a woman), O’Donnell says this of General John Kelly’s rebuke of a duly elected U.S. Representative, Florida’s Frederica Wilson, like […]

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Black Elk Works Miracles


Nicholas Black Elk (c.1863-1950) was an Oglala Lakota medicine man, mystic, and Catholic catechist (a member of the laity who assists priests and nuns by teaching the faith to children and to adult potential converts). It has been estimated that Black Elk was responsible for bringing approximately 400 Lakota into the Catholic Church. His commitment […]

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Lessons From the Past — Including North Korea’s


For those who were brought up with a consciousness of Japanese strategic build-up before the attack on Pearl Harbor, it is anathema that we are being counseled to treat North Korea with the same expectation that diplomacy will alter Pyongyang’s belligerency. The regime in North Korea already has a history of invasion and annihilation. There […]

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Halftime Woe


Hard to argue that the NFL bounced back last weekend. Consider the Thursday game. (The NFL weekend begins early and runs late, until past midnight on Monday which means that, technically, the weekend goes from Thursday to Tuesday.) Anyway… the game was played in Oakland, between the local Raiders who will soon be moving to […]

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Looks Like the Personal Really Is Political


“The personal is political,” an army of activists, largely female, has been saying for a couple of decades. This sad and oh-so-modern turn of events is due to the habit of dressing up once-private, once-intimate human attitudes as symbols of disaffection and rage: about which elected politicians need to do something — FAST! As you’ve […]

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Obama and Northam Bring Islamists Together


On Thursday, Oct. 19th, former president Barack Obama gave a campaign speech in support of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam. Bemoaning the way in which “our politics just seem so divided and so angry and so nasty,” Obama lauded Lt. Gov. Northam as “someone who wants to bring people together.” As refreshing as such a […]

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Boeing’s Tariff Fiasco


Sometimes trade issues are heavily nuanced, requiring a great deal of understanding of complicated economic relationships. But other times trade issues are just one corporation trying to gut-punch another because it can. Boeing’s recent attempt to hit a rival with tariffs is good example. The conflict between the two aircraft giants originated with Boeing’s move […]

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A Repeal Bill That Even the GOP Can Pass


While Lamar Alexander and other Republican quislings in the Senate have busied themselves negotiating the terms of surrender on Obamacare, the House Ways and Means Committee quietly approved a bill that could eliminate one of the “reform” law’s most dangerous provisions. The bill, sponsored by Tennessee Republican Phil Roe and California Democrat Raul Ruiz, both […]

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Trump Breaks Bureaucracy Dogma


It has long been conservative orthodoxy that the Federal Government will not implement right of center policies without strong cabinet government, that is with political appointees at the top and placed throughout multiple levels of bureaucracy to manage a resistant career civil service. As Ronald Reagan’s first Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management […]

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The Democrats’ In-Law Who Won’t Leave


Hillary Clinton is the Democrats’ in-law who won’t leave and can’t take a hint. Clinton’s book and tour is the equivalent of Aunt Hillary taking her shoes off and putting her feet up in her party’s living room. She is making herself quite comfortable and Democrat leaders understandably uncomfortable. Worst of all, the longer she […]

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