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Trump Unlikely to Dwell on Las Vegas Mass Shooting


Washington Has President Donald Trump’s White House moved past the horror that still grips Las Vegas in the wake of the bloody Oct. 1 mass shooting that left 58 dead and 546 wounded? Trump frequently mentions the shooting during speeches and on camera. On Friday, he brought up the “the horrific mass murder” when he […]

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Where’s Ralph?


Ralph Nader made his name “exposing” the design defects (as he styled them) of the Chevy Corvair. Leaving aside the fact that what he styled a “defect” was really more a difference — the Corvair was rear-engined and nose-light and so handled differently than the overwhelmingly front-engined and ass-light American cars that drivers of the […]

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Some of the Conservatives Salon Missed


Over the weekend, Salon published a list of “The 25 conservatives actually worth following on Twitter,” which turned out to be fairly revealing. The prompt for the article was an acknowledgment that leftists had completely failed to anticipate the election of Donald Trump as president. “Their steady diet of MSNBC and left-wing op-eds only reinforced biases […]

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Harvey Weinstein, Michael Moore, and the End of the 1960s Sexual Revolution


So amid the crashing and burning of the Weinstein empire in such spectacular fashion that it reminds of a Hollywood Hindenburg, we learn two things. (OK, many more than two, but two will suffice for now.) First, here is Harvey himself, who early on in this on-going debacle said this: “I came of age in […]

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Europe in Flux


French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the global Frankfurt Book Fair last week, preaching European unity and cultural diversity to thousands of book buyers, agents, editors, and publishers. But French author Michel Houellebecq’s appearance and reading from Submission stole the show. “There are so many groups trying to spread hatred, fanaticism, and dogmatism, […]

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Injured and Out


When age and injuries had caught up (as they say) with Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts went all in on a quarterback from Stanford who would be the future of the franchise. And for a while, it appears as though the Colts had made the right call. Andrew Luck was raw and sometimes tried to […]

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No, We’re Not All the Same


“Liberty, equality, fraternity” was the watchword of the French revolutionaries. They’d never heard of the Boy Scouts of America (obviously), but if they had, they would be tossing their liberty caps in the air at last week’s news of the Scouts’ decision to admit girls. Ah, citoyen, a wonderful thing, no? Well, we’ll see how […]

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The Gift of Peace


I am human. I like it when I get good feedback from my writings. So here are a few more uplifts from The Gift of Peace, by yours truly: 1.) When all else fails, turn it over to God. It’s worth hearing over and over again. 2.) Fear underlies all of my problems and my […]

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Does Ben Stiller Do Satire?


Brad Sloan (Ben Stiller), the hero of Mike White’s Brad’s Status, is a prig of the first water, which should be apparent to anyone not already a part, as he is, of the cozy little world of the media, “non-profits” (and especially the non-profit media), academe and Hollywood. But like many if not most prigs, […]

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Trump’s Iran Soliloquy


President Trump’s Friday speech outlining his “new” strategy for Iran punted the decision of whether to remain a party to Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran to Congress and our “allies” — France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China — which co-signed the “Joint Cooperative Plan of Action” (JCPOA). The president said that he wouldn’t certify […]

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