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Please Keep Sending Debbie W-S on TV

I just saw DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s cringeworthy interview (but then aren’t all her interviews cringeworthy?) with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Cooper took her to task for misleading DNC fundraising e-mails which asserted the Romney campaign had directed the RNC to write the GOP’s platform on abortion. Debbie W-S said “it doesn’t matter” if she misquoted The Los Angeles Times and misrepresented the situation. She stated stridently:

The reason we sent out that e-mail, and that we will continue to send out e-mails, and reach out to voters is we want them to know the difference between the two parties and two parties’ candidates on a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choice and that Mitt Romney has a very extreme position on that issue.

Translation: We’ll say what we want about Mitt Romney’s position on abortion when we want. The truth be damned.

Of course, this is the same woman who insisted earlier this month to John Roberts of Fox News that she had “no idea of the political affiliation” of the people involved with Priorities USA, the Super PAC which produced the ad insinuating Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of the spouse of a former Bain employee. The “brains” behind that ad was former Obama Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton.

But by all means, please keep sending Debbie W-S on TV every chance you get. She is the equivalent of fingernails running down the chalkboard. Every time Debbie W-S goes on TV, she loses President Obama another 10,000 votes.

Alas, President Obama has only himself to blame for this sorry state of affairs. Obama personally lobbied for Debbie W-S to be installed as DNC Chair only to soon regret his wish. At one point, Obama is said to have told Debbie W-S, “Don’t forget, you work for me.” So why did Obama want Debbie W-S for the job in the first place? According to this blogpost:

They chose Wasserman Schultz because of her “party uber alles” approach and her over-the-top rhetoric simply because they were in need of someone to advance the political narrative and agenda they chose to pursue, facts be damned.

President Obama reaps what he sows. With that, I eagerly look forward to Debbie W-S’ next TV appearance.

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