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Obama’s Hope-a-Dope

I just finished listening to President Obama’s DNC speech. It was liberally peppered with platitudes and doused in demagoguery.

President Obama insisted he never said things wouldn’t be “quick and easy”. But then what of the Obama who said he would cut the deficit in half?

President Obama said that “education was the gateway to opportunity for me.” But just don’t ask him to release his college transcripts.

President Obama sung the praises of solar on the anniversary of Solyndra’s bankruptcy.

President Obama pat himself on the back for ending the War in Iraq. Well, that would not have been possible if not for President Bush’s troop surge which Obama bitterly opposed.

President Obama said he had blunted the Taliban’s momentum in Afghanistan but doesn’t mention he wants them at the negotiating table. 

President Obama said he had strengthened old alliances. The people of Britain, Israel and Poland would see things differently.

President Obama had the chutzpah to say that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan “were new to foreign policy.” He went on to say that Romney “couldn’t visit the Olympics without insulting our closest ally.” This from the man who angered Brits when he returned the bust of Winston Churchill and referring to the Falkland Islands as The Maldives (while meaning to call it Malvinas).

President Obama says he’s “mindful of his own failures” but refuses to accept responsibility and is content to blame President Bush for his shortcomings. 

President Obama says, “The path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place.” But how much more debt will this country have to accumulate before we reach that better place? 

In 2008, Senator Obama spoke of hope and change. In 2012, President Obama gave us the hope-a-dope.

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