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Nope, Jeffrey

Jeff, in response to your play on my play on the idea of classiness: For the record, I think there is almost nothing classy about Nancy Pelosi and nothing classy about Barack Obama. And I absolutely do take offense at the idea that every battle between moderates and conservatives, ESPECIALLY this battle, is about “ruling class” vs. “country class.” I totally agree with Angelo Codevilla’s thesis, but it’s just plain silly to pretend that every battle is a battle that fits within that construct. And to put that construct on it is to say that the only or even main reason to fail to support O’Donnell is a desire to be of the “ruling class” or a secret mindset that is in concert with that class. As somebody who has spent a career doing just the opposite, I resent that, even if no offense was meant.

Furthermore, Jeffrey doesn’t address my arguments about character, and about suing our friends at ISI. Nor does he even attempt to give any credit to other arguments that could possibly be reasonable. Such as: the idea that winnability IS important in an election where a Senate majority hangs in the balance, for very conservative reasons. Subpoena power, for one. Does Jeff not care that his pet issue (for which he deserves great credit for bringing to light) of the job offers to Sestak and Romanoff could be brought into a hearing under oath if the GOP holds a majority with Castle but doesn’t hold a majority without Castle? What about judges? A majority could mean the difference between several awful nominees getting through and not getting through. And so on.

Finally, what about the idea that if O’Donnell continues to say and do bizarre things, she can effectively become the media poster child to “prove” just how nutty those GOP conservatives are, and thus discredit conservative GOPers across the board?

These are real concens that have nothing to do with whether someone has the views of the ruling class or the country class. They are concerns with profound implications for conservatives. And they are reason enough to stop putting labels on those who disagree. I don’t mind the disagreements; I mind the labels. And they damn well ought to stop.

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