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Nonbinary Teacher Boasts of Transitioning Children
Nonbinary flag (Leonid Altman/Shutterstock)

A California teacher bragged about helping students transition without their parents’ knowledge. 

The 9th-grade history teacher, named Olivia Garrison, identifies as “nonbinary.”

While Garrison doesn’t help the students undergo gender reassignment surgery or receive cross-sex hormones, the teacher promotes students’ social transitions — including new pronouns, a different name, and masculine or feminine clothes.

It’s not enough that Garrison touts her perverse gender identity. She also has to goad your children into taking on one as well.

And hide it from you! Because if there’s a chance you may not immediately embrace your child’s gender confusion, you are dangerous.

“My job, which is a public service, is to protect kids… Sometimes, they need protection from their own parents,” Garrison told the New York Times

Garrison isn’t in this fight alone, as her school district promotes a name and gender change form that doesn’t require any parental oversight or approval, according to the district’s website.

Countless more “educators” have bragged about embracing LGBTQ+ issues in the classroom, Fox News reported

The medical community, much of which enables radical gender ideology, has long understood how malleable young people are due to their ongoing brain development.

The Society of Neuroscience said that adolescent brains are impulsive and “also vulnerable, dynamic and highly responsive to positive feedback,” NPR reported back in 2012. 

Research also indicates that young brains are heavily shaped by “experiences early in life” and that the brain changes greatly “during adolescence in regions involved in social interactions.”

This makes children vulnerable to radical teachers who seek to exploit them by affirming their confusion.

Here’s where it gets sinister. 

The radical Left knows that children are easily shaped and influenced. They know these biological realities.

And they exploit these vulnerabilities for a plethora of reasons — including money, acceptance of their own identities, and building a generation indoctrinated into their ideology.

Parents, pay attention to your sons and daughters. Or soon enough, without your knowledge, your son may “become” your daughter!


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