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Nobody Loves or Hates Pawlenty

The Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza makes a good point about Tim Pawlenty and the Republican presidential race more generally:

Pawlenty isn’t likely to be the first choice of any of the GOP’s disparate interest groups but there is also no group that is adamantly opposed to the idea of him as the nominee. And, a look back at the last two Republican presidential nominees – George W. Bush and John McCain – reveals that the party tends to pick the person who is able to appeal to the broadest number of constituencies within the party rather than the person who embodies the ideal pick of a single constituency group.

There are some conservatives concerned primarily with environmental policy who do adamantly oppose Pawlenty, but I’m not sure how large this group will be. But for right now, Pawlenty does seem to be the nominee many conservatives could live with even though very few are passionately in favor of him. That is one way in which Pawlenty is in line with Republican nominating habits.

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