GOP Should Help Dreamers (But Not This Week)


I get it all the time: “What part of illegal don’t you understand? They have to go!” It’s a predictable reaction from a passionate minority of my audience when discussing how the United States should deal with the issue of illegal immigration, and particularly with those illegal (or “undocumented” if you are from a politically […]

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Democrats Using Same Strategy Republicans Tried in 2013


Washington In 2013, House Republicans shut down the federal government in a doomed effort to defund then President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. It lasted 17 days and accomplished nothing. Amazingly, Democrats have decided to follow the same lame playbook. Back in 2013, Obama called it the “Republican shutdown” — and he was right, even […]

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Tax and Smoke and #MeToo Aggravation


Friday This has been a hellacious week. All because of the IRS. It’s complicated but it has to do with the Alternative Minimum Tax. That’s a tax on items which previously might have been deductible, but are now fully taxable. That is, if you had X amount of deductions, now that X is considered income, […]

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President Trump’s First Year In Office Has Been A Blessing For The American People


“I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.” One year ago, President-Elect Donald Trump took the stage on a rainy but […]

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Dickie Durbin Does DACA


The last column in this space addressed the fact that, in the event that Amazon Post story, citing anonymous second-hand sources to allege that President Trump referred to a few Third World nations from which a sizable proportion of our illegal immigrants come as “s***hole countries” in a closed-door meeting with several members of Congress, […]

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Putting a Leash on Inspector Javert


The War on Drugs has seen many casualties — among them the rule of law. Cops have been empowered to simply seize people’s property on the mere assertion of connection to “drug activity.” This is done prior to conviction of any crime — and in many cases, without the person even being charged with one. Another casualty-in-the-works […]

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We’ve Seen This Movie Before


The film industry witnessed its worse year since the 1990s in 2017. Hollywood, during the advent of television to name but one fallow period, has seen this movie before. But because filmgoers similarly lament seeing this movie before, they stay home. The ninth installment of the “Star Wars” franchise captured the top spot at the […]

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The Media Normalizes the Unruly Left


Normally so censorious of shutdowns, the media seemed eager for one on Thursday. Pundits offered up preemptive excuses for Senate Democrats who seek to torpedo a deal. The more that Democratic senators behave like hack liberal activists, the more the media cheers them on. The media is in a disruptive mood and sees a shutdown […]

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The Donald’s First Year: Daily Demolition Derby


It speaks volumes about the times we live in, that President Donald J. Trump is viewed as being in trouble. We have a stellar Supreme Court justice, and a record dozen judges confirmed (thanks, Mitch) to the federal appeals courts. America’s economy is roaring for the first time in a decade. Congress enacted the biggest […]

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Blaming Georgetown University for Slavery


Slavery is evil. Most Americans recognize that. Most people around the world also do so. But that wasn’t always so. Indeed, a couple of centuries, not to mention a couple of millennia, ago people held many views which today are considered, shall we say, unsavory at best. Such as warring for no and every reason, […]

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