Tax Collectors Become Tax Evaders


The taxman cometh. He cometh for other taxmen even. And it turns out tax-happy states like Uncle Sam extracting his take about as much as the rest of us do. Congress imposed a $10,000 limitation in December on state and local tax (SALT) deductions by filers as part of the reform overhaul of the tax […]

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Prosecutorial Collusion in the Fourth Estate: Anatomy of a Witch Hunt, Part 4


This is the fourth — and final — installment in a series of articles dissecting the prosecution of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (the first three parts are here, here, and here). Among the many parallels between the abuses of mercenary “special prosecutors” Kent Schaffer and Brian Wice and the out-of-control investigation being conducted by […]

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Mr. Modi Goes to Davos


The world’s intelligentsia and corporate and political leaders are meeting this week at Davos, hosted by the World Economic Forum — high in the Rhaetian Alps of Switzerland where 15 inches of snow are forecast for the next seven days. It is a pastoral winterscape, where the steeple of 13th century St. Johann pierces the […]

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Friendly Persuasion: Scott Adams on Donald Trump’s Clinching Quality


Scott Adams is not a typical political pundit. He has no background in politics. He never lived in Washington, D.C. Except for book promotion time, he rarely gives a fiddle about being on cable or network television. Adams’s politics does not fit neatly into right or left, or any of the other terms we use […]

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The Washington Establishment Panics


Ya can’t make it up. Here’s the headline in the Washington Post from the Post’s Erik Wemple. Staffers at The Hill press management about the work of John Solomon The story reads, in part: A group of newsroom staffers at The Hill have complained to management about stories written by John Solomon, the publication’s executive […]

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Heat-Not-Burn Works Wonderfully


Smoking is expensive for consumers and taxpayers, with health-care costs associated with smoking rising to nearly $170 billion per year. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the opportunity to embrace an innovative technology that will help smokers transition away from more harmful tobacco products while also aiding the continued prosperity of tobacco farmers. The […]

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Chuck Choked


Monday morning, after bragging about what fighters they were in forcing the federal government into shutdown mode over their demands for amnesty for illegal immigrants brought to America as children, Senate Democrats meekly gave in and voted for a short-term federal budget deal. And the left wing of the Democrat Party is not happy about […]

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Calling All Wimps


On now to Chapter MLXII in our Chronicles of National Disarray: “Congress Solves Immigration Perplexity.” Or, far likelier, “Congress Kicks Can Down Road.” With the federal government coming back to listlessness — if not exactly life — Republicans and Democrats are set for corrosive conversation in February regarding the topic of what to do about […]

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A Time for Forgiveness and Thanks


Sunday Here we are in Rancho Mirage. Our wonderful driver, Alex Becerra, drove my wife, her nurse, Gemma, our dog Julie, a ton of luggage, and me down here last night in an immense Lincoln SUV. I slept most of the way. But then, we stopped at Bob’s Big Boy in Calimesa. It bears an […]

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Live From the Blood Seats


Boston The American Spectator watched live from the blood seats, more accurately described as the thud seats for the ghastly sounds heard feet from the cage, at TD Garden along with 16,015 other spectators at the UFC’s Saturday night pay-per-view event. I entered a dimension as vast as Causeway Street, Interstate 93, and North Station […]

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