Silicon Valley, Not Capitol Hill, Where Healthcare Reform Happening


CNBC reported on Tuesday that Amazon seeks to hire an expert in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy regulations. The job listing notes, “The HIPAA Compliance Lead is an experienced HIPAA professional who will own and operate the security and compliance elements of a new initiative. You will work alongside product managers, software […]

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Two Knockout Artists Square Off in Boston


Boston The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) open workouts for UFC 220 appropriately took place Wednesday in a warehouse repurposed as a gym. Across Drydock Avenue, Boston Ship Repair, Inc., works on transforming a massive, aging ship into a seafaring vessel fit for the 21st century. Within the Reebok gym, dozens of Pinkertons — here not […]

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Exploring the Great Blue Frontier


There was a time when people unhappy with their government, and no longer able to tolerate the situation, would simply go somewhere else, and set up their own new communities. That is largely the story of the western frontier, but it is no longer an option — or is it? Today, nearly all the world’s […]

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Jerry Brown Heads Toward the Sunset


California Gov. Jerry Brown introduced his final budget last week. For a sense of perspective, the first general-fund budget he introduced back in 1975 was for $11.5 billion. His final one spends $132 billion — a whopping $190 billion if we included total spending from all special funds. It’s 44 percent larger than the budget […]

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CNN and Liberals Hail MLK as Socialist


In a remarkable piece for, writer John Blake underscored three ways we need to “update” our knowledge of Martin Luther King Jr. “to see how he spoke not only to his time, but to our time as well.” No. 2 is this eye-opener: King “was a socialist before it was cool.” Blake writes: There […]

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Our Staggering Corruption: A Conversation With F.H. Buckley


Allen Mendenhall: Thanks for doing this interview, Frank. Your last book, The Way Back, addressed issues of economic inequality and the rise of the New Class, a manifestation of an old form of aristocracy consisting of people who can, so to speak, “game the system” through special favors and loopholes in laws. Your new book, The […]

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The Doctor and the Impatients: Navy Rear Admiral Jackson Enters the Media Hellhole


Weirdest thing. I had just come back from my first-ever treadmill stress test. Never had done such a thing before. They tape all these little squares on your chest, have you walk on the treadmill at 1.7 miles an hour at a certain incline, take your pulse and blood pressure, then increase the thing to […]

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The Road From Texas to Omaha


It’s hard to believe given how fresh and exciting the game still feels, but it’s now been nearly two decades since No-Limit Texas Hold’em became the game du jour in the poker world. Now it’s not as if someone flipped a switch and everyone suddenly started playing that particular format — although famed Texas pro […]

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Government by Sanctimony and Smears


Journalists are forever harping on Trump’s “lies.” But what really bothers them is his blunt truth-telling. His refusal to conform to their political correctness infuriates them. Political correctness is just one big lie — a denial of reality in the name of this or that “sensitivity” or ideological demand of the moment. The media devotes […]

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Oprah Would Be Trump’s Dream Opponent


Despite liberals’ hyperventilation at the Golden Globe awards, Oprah would be Trump’s dream opponent. Although liberals comprise almost 100% of Hollywood, they were just a quarter of 2016 presidential voters. Drafting one to lead their ticket would just exacerbate Democrats’ leftward lean problem, while blunting their primary attack points against an incumbent president who will […]

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